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So comfortable for a senior with arthritis

I am a 12 year old Golden Retriever with arthritis and the Shelter gave me a new Kuranda dog bed that made me SO comfortable. Now the shelter is trying to give everyone at the shelter a nice bed to relax on while they are in the kennel. Oh, by the way with the help of the Irvine Shelter I found a new family and home!

Irvine, CA
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20 minutes to build...

Greetings from Northern Ireland. This is SPIKE with his owner Peter (8) and his new Kuranda dog bed. It took Peter and I approx. 20 minutes to build and 30 seconds for Spike to jump up and lay down on his new bed!

Clive G.

He loves it and stays in place all night long

This is our two-year old Shepard/Boxer/ (you fill in the blank) mix, 'Duane.' Our only complaint was his constant war and the eventual demise of his very costly bean-bag type bed. (WHAT A MESS!!!)  We found out about your product from our kennel and figured we'd give it a try. He loves it and stays in place all night long.

Elise Watkins
Charlotte, NC
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It comforts him while he's alone...

This is Kirby, while we are away at work, this is his favorite place to be. I believe it actually comforts him while he's alone. This bed has done wonders for our house, he no longer wanders around looking for things to destroy. Thank you so much Kuranda!

Jeff and Valerie
St. Cloud, Minnesota

It comforts him when he's alone...

This is Kirby,wWhile we are away at work, this is his favorite place to be. I believe it actually comforts him while he's alone. This bed has done wonders for our house, he no longer wanders around looking for things to destroy. Thank you so much Kuranda!

Jeff and Valerie
St. Cloud, Minnesota

Thanks for such a great product....

It's HOT here in S.E. Washington State in the summer. Our thick coated dogs love to lay on the air conditioning vents to cool off but then the air is blocked from getting all around their bodies as well as into the room. Here is a picture of my plush coated King Shepherd, Sally Bear on her Extra Large Poly Weave Kuranda Bed. My husband calls it her 'Air-Bed'. Its over the AC vent so all the cold air flows up around her body and cools her off. She loves it!! I have two beds now for my Shepherds and will be getting a third for my older Boxer.

Catherine B.

We bought each of our three girls, Dobes one of these beds.

I e-mailed the following to my brother, in Alabama......"We bought each of our three girls, Dobes one of these beds. They are the greatest. They can be scrubbed and hosed off,the girls can't chew on them or tear them up. They keep the girls off the cold floor or ground about four inches. They use them all the time. We even take them to Arizona with us. All the other dog beds we've ever had never lasted very long. We've had these for over a year now. You might want to consider one for Roca."

Placentia, California

We felt terrible having him sleep on the floor...

I just had to let you know what a miracle your bed has been to us. We have a Doberman who is almost a year and a half. We ordered the bed for his first birthday thinking we'd be rid of it the very next day like all the rest of the beds we'd bought. We lost count somewhere after bed 5....or was it 6... I don't really know but as soon as we'd bring it thru the door he'd destroy it in seconds...no matter what it was made of. Even other "chew proof" beds. Never took him more than a day to destroy a bed..not even as a teeny puppy. We felt terrible having him sleep on the floor when he loves to curl up and be cuddly and warm but every time we'd put something down for him he'd eat it! He didn't just maul things to death... he actually ate them as well...even w/bitter apple or that hot pepper spray stuff..whatever, he'd eat it. I didn't want to jump the gun in saying how wonderful this bed is untill we'd lived w/it for a while and now we have and it's the BEST!!! He has never! even attempted to eat it...

Jennifer (Jen)
Shamong, NJ
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..the 'Kuranda Experience'

I just thought I would write and thank you for making such a wonderful bed! It was so easy to put together, it took me no time at all, and before I had even tied the lambs wool bed pad in place, Harrison had climbed on and made himself comfortable! He is sleeping, (and for the first time not snoring!) as I write this. I've been looking forward to being able to give Harrison a warm, comfortable and supportive bed. He is extremely happy with the real thing! I just wish I had heard of the Kuranda bed when I had my last Great Dane, as she was a demolition expert from the day she came home, and the number of beds she destroyed in her short four years, cost a small fortune, and were never very comfortable. She died from cancer in her shoulder joints, and would have found this bed much easier to get up and down from then the ground, or the couch! Thank you again Kuranda,

Emma Evans
Vancouver BC Canada

...he's quite content to snooze upon it!

Just wanted to let you know that Tug's fleece arrived yesterday. I put it on his Kuranda bed and he absolutely LOVES it! I had thought that he might try and shred it (or at the least, take it off the bed) but so far, he's quite content to snooze upon it!

Nancy Spice

...this is the last dog bed you'll ever have to buy.

Thanks for coming up with a bed that my little dachund won't trash! If you have one of those special critters that likes to tear up their little dog beds this is the last dog bed you'll ever have to buy. If your dog insists on frequent replace get one of these NOW!

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All three of them on the bed at the same time!

I have written you before about how much my two labs love their Kuranda bed, and how sturdy it seems to be. Just wanted to let you know that there are now THREE labs, and I have seen all three of them on the bed at the same time (probably over 225 lbs. of labs), with seemingly no ill effects on the bed. Thank you again, for a wonderful bed that is still going strong!!!

Ruth Millard
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...no more itchy nights

I just wanted to tell you how much our 100 pound lab, Gus, loves his Kuranda bed. Gus suffered for many years with persistent skin allergies. Nights were especially challenging. Gus would lick and itch periodically all through the night. Medication didn't seem to touch the problem. After a visit with our vet, she encouraged us to try to improve his environment by removing as many 'irritants' as possible from the home. At that point, we realized that our number one culprit was his traditional foam bed -- a harbor for tons of dirt, pollen and other floor allergens!  We searched the net for another alternative and found your company. Now, with his elevated bed and the fleece covering that we can wash weekly (it washes beautifully!), I am happy to share that Gus's night time licking and itching has vastly decreased. He loves the bed and we love him not being up all night! Thank you for a great product. My husband and I love looking down from the bed and seeing our precious puppy dog sleeping peacefully.

Jay and Amy
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
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Longest lasting bed

I am delighted with my purchase, as is my dog Avery. Avery is a Border Collie mix I adopted from a rescue and is as fantastic as she is frustrating! Every dog bed I bought lasted no mare than 2 days (that is being kind). I bought your product with trepidation due to price, however I wanted to provide a bed for Avery where she is off the floor. It has been nearly a week and she hasn't so much as nibbled on it, and goes to it as soon as she is put in her kennel at night. I'm happy, she's happy. I am contemplating a 2nd purchase for when she is outside so maybe she sleeps there instead of digging up my yard to make her 'nests'. I will recommend to all dog owners I know!

New Jersey
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Room for more...

Today 10-23-05 I ordered another Kudura bed for my three dogs, this is the second one I have ordered, the first one is a large and almost two small for my three wonderful dogs/kids/family pets. They love their bed, however it doesn't have a pad for it. They use it all the time but someone is always being pushed off so I ordered an extra large bed this time with a pad. Thanks so much, we look forward to receiving another one of these great pet beds.

Sincerely, Blue, Bear, and Snickers
Elko, Nevada
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Your dog can’t chew the fabric because we’ve hidden the edges inside the rails.
Lumpy pillow beds are not supportive and create pressure points. Ouch!
The even support of a Kuranda bed is better for your dog’s joints.
Air can flow under the bed, keeping your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Our beds are easy to clean! Just wipe them off or hose them down.
Why not add a fleece pad for extra coziness?
Get your dog a chew proof Kuranda bed and you won’t come home to explosions like this: