Testimonials: Arthritic Dogs

Loves it...........

I first heard of the Kuranda bed after we had to board our 10 year old Boxer for a week at Wagside Inn. Gus is 11 year old boxer, he is on the small side, around 65 pounds. He has arthritis in a knee and his hips. He also has a slight case of hip dysplasia, as he has gotten older it is more noticeable. I called the Wagside Inn to inquire if they had done any special massage treatments or exercises that could have explained how great he felt when he was in their care. The one and only thing they did which we did not do, was have a Kuranda bed available for him to lie on.Well needless to say, we ordered one a.s.a.p. I thought Gus would feel nervous on the bed but he LOVES it. He gathers all his toys and puts them on his new Kuranda bed and he sleeps or sits among them. The bed doesn't even move when he decides to play by jumping around on it and moving his toys with his feet, kind of digging but not with the focus of a terrier or stubborn pug. Even with using the bed as a playset, it is in perfect shape and shows no wear at this time. Best of all, the difference in his comfort level is amazing. After sleeping on it, even all night, he has no problem getting up in the morning. It is shocking the difference this bed has made to his overall comfort and wellbeing. I would not hesitate to purchase or recommend this bed to anyone.

Upstate, New York

Best access for arthritic dog

My poodle just walks right on and off this bed effortlessly. In a regular filled dog bed she would struggle to get up from a lying position because of her arthritis and rear leg problems. We ordered a larger bed than suggested and the roominess is a plus since she can easily maneuver herself around the bed. I saw this bed at a hydrotherapy for dogs in SoHo where dogs were resting comfortably with a variety of joint and bone issues. I did have to remove the attached legs to get my dog to use the bed. In the future I may try to reattach the legs because I like the height. I suggest ordering the soft cover to make the bed cozier. I will buy another one for the office.

Jersey City, New Jersey
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Pain Relief, Happy Dogs

I was skeptical that a bed would bring relief to my arthritic dog. After several visits to the vet, and pain meds to control pain, we were greatly concerned about our dogs well being. We did have beds made from memory foam that we thought were thick and comfortable but we took a chance and ordered. The beds came and my husband and I hoped it would bring our dog some much needed relief. I was amazed to see after ONE NIGHT on this bed, she was not stiff in her back legs and she slept straight through the night. A few nights now and her mobility when getting up is 100% improved! So relieved to see it made such an enormous difference, I cannot even express what a relief it is for her and us! Our second dog, who has no health issues, runs to lay on her bed at every opportunity. She loves it! So glad we bought two. Thrilled with this purchase, well made, went together well. We bought the aluminum frame and the sheepskin covers. Highly recommend for dogs with arthritis!

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Best Christmas gifts we gave!

Our eldest lab has arthritis, but he can easily get off and on the bed, and he sleeps so comfortably. It is wonderful to see him happy with his bed! Our youngest lab has quickly destroyed any stuffed bed we've bought, but she hasn't even attempted a nibble at this bed. She loves it. The beds are warm, as they lift the dogs off the floor, and they have just enough flexibility to give a little with the dogs' weight, but not too much. These beds are worth the money without a doubt.

The Thomases
Mineral Bluff, GA

Simply Amazing

I have seen these beds in the many shelters I work with and decided to buy one for my 7 year old arthritic Akita mix. She immediately took to the bed and after just one week of use is limping much less.

Spring, TX

This bed was just what we needed

Dog has back hip and knee problems coupled with arthritis. Keeps the dog off the wood and tiled floors. The Dog no longer paces around the room but sleeps quietly on its Kuranda bed.

Windsor, Ontario

Fur Kids Opinion is 10 PAWS

The crate bed is for my older arthritic dog and she is not as stiff after sleeping on this bed. The house bed is for my meduim guy that likes to sleep out in the family room (wood floors). Keeps him more comfortable and he loves it.

Pecatonica, Illinois

Both of my Lab mixes love it!

The classic cot bed is beautiful, sturdy, looks like it will last a long time, and most importantly comfortable for my old, arthritic dog. I originally bought this for my 6 year old black lab mix, but my 15 year old yellow lab mix decided he loved it too. I went ahead and ordered a second one so they don't have to share. The bed was easy to put together. (It took maybe ten minutes.) As soon as I put the fleece cover over it, my black lab hopped on and made himself at home. An hour later my yellow lab tried it out as well. They both seem to prefer this bed to their old pillow beds.

Mama to Two Labs
Chewelah, WA

The best dog bed

As the owner of 5 large breed dogs I have purchased many dog beds over the years. I've had my Kuranda Heavy Duty dog bed for a couple of years now. It is as fabulous as the first day we set it up - unlike the other dog beds I purchased. Our arthritic 16 year old German Short-haired pointer sleeps on it throughout the night without needing to get up to adjust his aching bones. Our cats like to lounge on it too! I highly recommend this bed.

Luv my pets
Alberta, Canada

Kuranda Bed

Great support for older dog joints. Easier to keep clean. Great product and fantastic service!

Ottawa, Canada

Our Boys LOVE their Kuranda Bed!

Our Senior dogs LOVE their Kuranda beds! We have two dogs (12 and 13) and initially we only bought one bed to make sure our boys liked it. Well, once we received the first bed, put it together and they discovered how comfortable it was, they would race to the bedroom in order to secure the "comfy bed" for the night. Needless to say I was online the next morning purchasing another one! Thanks for a wonderful, clean and easy to maintain bed.

Chicago, IL

Thank You

I have a partially paralyzed Pit Bull Terrier. This bed is the best product that I have bought for him hands down. Since he can't jump or climb well, I purchased a crate bed. He can't control his bladder and I hate to keep him in diaper wraps, I put piddle pads under his vinyl weave bed and it works great. Thank you so much for this product that finally keeps my best friend comfortable and dry!!!

Reidsville, NC

Great bed for older dogs

This bed is wonderful especially for large older dogs who find it difficult to rise from a floor level bed. They can safely step out of this bed and be almost upright. It must be very comfortable too for the dogs as our Greyhound rarely leaves it!

Suzie Q
Clearwater, FL

Many years of comfort for arthritic Rotti

I've had two of these beds for years. I've replaced the fabric and several legs. My old arthritic dogs love them and my year old Doberman puppy can't chew the fabric (Win! Win!!).  I think I learned about them on the Internet. I searched for a comfort bed for my two Rottie who had terrible hips from puppies on. My oldest and the one with the most malformed hips lived to 12 1/3 years and I do attribute that to swimming and your bed. So thank you!

Christine Brandt
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Your dog can’t chew the fabric because we’ve hidden the edges inside the rails.
Lumpy pillow beds are not supportive and create pressure points. Ouch!
The even support of a Kuranda bed is better for your dog’s joints.
Air can flow under the bed, keeping your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Our beds are easy to clean! Just wipe them off or hose them down.
Why not add a fleece pad for extra coziness?
Get your dog a chew proof Kuranda bed and you won’t come home to explosions like this: