Testimonials: Off the Floor Comfort

Loves it...........

I first heard of the Kuranda bed after we had to board our 10 year old Boxer for a week at Wagside Inn. Gus is 11 year old boxer, he is on the small side, around 65 pounds. He has arthritis in a knee and his hips. He also has a slight case of hip dysplasia, as he has gotten older it is more noticeable. I called the Wagside Inn to inquire if they had done any special massage treatments or exercises that could have explained how great he felt when he was in their care. The one and only thing they did which we did not do, was have a Kuranda bed available for him to lie on.Well needless to say, we ordered one a.s.a.p. I thought Gus would feel nervous on the bed but he LOVES it. He gathers all his toys and puts them on his new Kuranda bed and he sleeps or sits among them. The bed doesn't even move when he decides to play by jumping around on it and moving his toys with his feet, kind of digging but not with the focus of a terrier or stubborn pug. Even with using the bed as a playset, it is in perfect shape and shows no wear at this time. Best of all, the difference in his comfort level is amazing. After sleeping on it, even all night, he has no problem getting up in the morning. It is shocking the difference this bed has made to his overall comfort and wellbeing. I would not hesitate to purchase or recommend this bed to anyone.

Upstate, New York

Kuranda bed a hit!

I love that it doesn't scratch my floors and Kayla appreciates the cool air from the vent flowing through the mesh!

Reston, VA
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30 Degrees below in Alberta Canada

It hit minus 30 at our home in Fort McMurray Alberta Canada early this year in October. Our 2 Rottis didn't like the cold floor no matter how many blankets we put down. So they both joined us in our bed until one night Zoey (78lbs) was pushed out by Barry (114lbs) onto the floor where it required a visit to the vet the next day. The day came the beds were delivered and set up and Zoey took to her's and slept like a baby but Barry stood his ground on our bed. ... The next night we again but him in his new bed and at 3:00 when I awoke to put another log on the fire there was Barry 4 paws straight up sound asleep on his new bed next to Zoey between our bed and the fire.

Fort McMurray Alberta Canada
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Great bed!

I had originally purchased this bed with the thought that it would be an outdoor bed so my dog didn't have to lay on a hard surface while hanging out by the pool with us. I ended up using it in his indoor pen that we have in the basement for days when the weather is not good enough for him to be outside while we are at work. He loves it!! I noticed an almost immediate improvement in those marks he gets on his elbows, even though he had a "theraputic" bed in there previously. I am now going to have to get another one for outside!!

Watertown, CT

Best dog bed you can buy

We have 6 large dogs, and the occasional foster dog, and I have yet to see a dog that didn't love these beds. Our original bed was purchased for a 12 y/o rescue who wouldn't sleep on a memory foam bed and needed to be up off the floor. Due to her arthritis and hip dysplasia we used the crate legs so it was easy for her to get up on the bed. We now have 3 of these beds- two outside and one inside. They still have virtually no wear at all after several years outside. I do recommend the vinyl weave for outdoor use, as it drains rain water very well, is cool for the hot months, and is still very sturdy. We have used the cordura fabric outside as well, but it does hold a LOT of water. These are super sturdy and the XXL really will hold 6 dogs (almost 300lbs of dog). I also have a cover for the bed inside- it really dresses up the bed, and makes it look like a large footstool. My dogs love the soft pad and cover and it is easy to remove and toss into the wash when needed. You just can't beat these beds for durability- my dogs chew up kongs but these beds are still perfect;)

North Carolina

The perfect bed

This bed is great for keeping my dog off the concrete The day I put it together she slept on it

Fort Worth, TX

Excellent product, happy dog!

This bed was easy to assemble and my dog was on it as soon as I finished. He seems to enjoy being up off the chilly floor and zonks out pretty hard when we come in from runs in the snow. Living in eastern MT we get big temperature swings, so I am sure he will appreciate the air flow underneath come summer.

MT dog lover
Billings, MT

Awesome Bed for My Dog

Niko, my Siberian Husky absolutely loves to sun in his new bed....it’s large enough for him, very ergonomically sound for his body and he's enjoying it. I know it's going to be cool for him during the spring/ summer months with airflow underneath the bed. It's awesome and I'm satisfied!!

Willies Style
Bentonville, AR

She really likes it!

I've got a Dalmatian mix- it's nice and lightweight so I can move it easily into the bathroom where my dog stays when I'm away from the house, and she likes sleeping on it much better than her old foam bed. I can lift it from the bottom so that I don't get dog hair all over my clean clothes, and I've yet to wash the cover but I'm sure it probably cleans up well. I'm thinking about putting it in the back of my car so that she'll be extra cozy on long drives.

Austin, TX

Love It!

We now own both a poly resin and an aluminum Kuranda bed. Both are equally GREAT. Our aging Rotti is able to get up and down from the Kuranda beds much easier then the floor. And they've proven to withstand the constant testing of our 2 young Tibetan Masstiff X's. We're looking forward to ordering the Kuranda outdoor version this Spring.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Finally! my dogs can rest in comfort!

Because I have 5 dogs, all but one a rescue, I have tile floors. I am not able to put nice, fluffy beds on the floor because one likes to pee on bedding on the floor, and two others like to chew the stuffing out of anything fluffy. I had to find a solution where they could be up off of the cold tile, and still have the comfort of a soft bed. The Kuranda bed does just this. There is no stuffing to pull out, but it supports them and keeps them comfortable. As soon as I had assembled the first one, they jumped onto it and started chewing their toys. So, guess what? I had to order one more! My husband likes the look, and it keeps us from having to constantly wash bedding. I have already told several of my friends who have also rescued dogs. Also, one of my dogs is a dachsund, which are prone to back injuries (a lot of times from jumping onto living room furniture), so this allows her to get up onto a bed that is still low to the ground. I am so happy I purchased the beds! Thank you very much!

Animal Lover
New Smyrna Beach, FL

Perfect Bed

The best bed that we have ever purchased. Our dog loves it. It is built very well and should last a long time. Perfect for our dogs kennel in our garage, keeps her off of the cold concrete floor.

Airdrie, Alberta

Thanks for such a great product....

It's HOT here in S.E. Washington State in the summer. Our thick coated dogs love to lay on the air conditioning vents to cool off but then the air is blocked from getting all around their bodies as well as into the room. Here is a picture of my plush coated King Shepherd, Sally Bear on her Extra Large Poly Weave Kuranda Bed. My husband calls it her 'Air-Bed'. Its over the AC vent so all the cold air flows up around her body and cools her off. She loves it!! I have two beds now for my Shepherds and will be getting a third for my older Boxer.

Catherine B.
Your dog can’t chew the fabric because we’ve hidden the edges inside the rails.
Lumpy pillow beds are not supportive and create pressure points. Ouch!
The even support of a Kuranda bed is better for your dog’s joints.
Air can flow under the bed, keeping your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Our beds are easy to clean! Just wipe them off or hose them down.
Why not add a fleece pad for extra coziness?
Get your dog a chew proof Kuranda bed and you won’t come home to explosions like this: