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This is the best dog bed ever!

This bed is perfect for my 10 yr old Boxer.  She has many allergys & this seems to be so much better for her.  My daughter also has allergys so this was also to help her feel better.   I was tired of washing the dogs bed, I don't want people to come over & know that I have dogs just by smelling!   LOVE THIS BED!

Jack Daniels mom
New Jersey
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Maggie Mae

... my Maggie can pretty much chew her way through anything. We paid $2000 last year for surgery to remove washrags, socks, and many many blanket bits from her digestive tract, so, we hadn't been able to put anything at the bottom of her crate. Unfortunately, this irritated her sensitive skin, which promptly got infected. So, I got online, did a bunch of research, and bought her a Kuranda bed for her crate. I got home...and there was only one tiny little scratch on the aluminum. No teeth marks. Nothing. Maggie loves it so much, I'm thinking about buying her another one (we can't get it out of her crate very easily...it's made out of welded one inch bars). I don't know what I would have done without it!

Maggie's Mom
Spokane, WA
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Love this bed -- I bought a second

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I have 2 dogs and a 7 month old baby. Now that she is starting to move around I need to make sure there is no dirty beds sitting around. I absolutely love this bed, I can clean under it daily without having to move it. All I have to do is pop the fleece pad in the wash and I'm done. I have to admit occasionally I do vacuum the fleece pad because not all the dog hair comes out in the wash. This would probably fix itself if I purchased the cover. I have had both beds for about 2 years now. They look brand new. The only thing that looks warn is the fleece pad -- because it gets washed often. I do not like the sound of the dogs feet on the bed material without the fleece pad on it, but this is only happens when we are washing the fleece. Dogs love it, I love it. Will not be getting a different kind of bed. I used to have a third dog and they all used this bed. I HATED the typical dog bed that stayed on the floor and just sat and gathered dirt, fur and smell. YUCK. I ended up always buying cheapies so I could just toss them. But that gets expensive and wasteful. I often get messages from friends saying they bought a new dog bed because the one they had was so stinky. You will not need to do that with this one. It is a bit more expensive but long term, you will actually save money. I haven't had to buy another one since. I did buy a second one for our basement, so the dogs are up off the cool floor when we are down watching tv/on the computer. What are you waiting for?! Get one! :)

Ontario, Canada
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No more vet bills!

Our dog was eating her bedding and ending up at the vet, so we were forcing her to sleep on the hard bottom of the crate. With this bed I don't worry about her being uncomfortable or about her eating something which will make her sick!

Washington, DC
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Basenji Proof!

My dog has Fanconis disease and needs to be elevated in his crate. This has been an answer to my prayers.

Wrentham, MA
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Great for a dog with allergies

I bought a Kuranda bed for my 9 year old golden retriever. He is allergic to dust mites so dog beds and rugs are not good for him. He likes to sleep on my bed, which is also not good for him. The Kuranda bed gives him a comfortable spot to sleep that can be cleaned easily and will help him to scratch less.

Judy the Volunteer
Augusta, GA
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A Life Saver... literally!

I was so worried about my new rescue dog's separation anxiety. He would chew and ingest every type of bed or blanket I left him with. I spent hundreds of dollars on so-called chew resistant beds. We had several blockage scares- thank goodness none required surgery, but it was only a matter of time. I had to leave him home on nothing but the hardwood floor which made me worry about his joint health and comfort. Finally, I found Kuranda beds while searching the internet for answers. He has not put one mark on this bed and it has been a month! He is able to rest comfortably and safely while I am at work and I can relax knowing that I'll come home to a happy, healthy dog!

Finn’s Mom
Tolland County, CT
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Your dog can’t chew the fabric because we’ve hidden the edges inside the rails.
Lumpy pillow beds are not supportive and create pressure points. Ouch!
The even support of a Kuranda bed is better for your dog’s joints.
Air can flow under the bed, keeping your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Our beds are easy to clean! Just wipe them off or hose them down.
Why not add a fleece pad for extra coziness?
Get your dog a chew proof Kuranda bed and you won’t come home to explosions like this: