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FANTASTIC BEDS for my Malamutes:

FANTASTIC dog beds: I have 7 of them for my Alaskan Malamutes - some have lasted over 7 years and I have never had to replace ANYTHING! The dogs are always on them and stay cooler, and dryer in the rain and their elbows are much cleaner looking. Our beds are all outside; some under covers, some not but you will always find the Mals on them! GREAT PRODUCT!!!

Mal Mama
Yucaipa, CA
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LOVE it!! Durable and cute!

I love this dog bed. If this bed can withstand my chewin hound dog/blue heeler pup, I'm sure it can withstand any other. First of all, she does not view it as a toy, she actually sleeps on it and does not toss it around like the other beds. I use this bed as her outdoor bed so when it rains she doesn't get wet. It gets hot in these Georgia summer months and she can also get relief from the hot temperature. I got the bed embroidered with her name, and it is really cute. The material is very durable and withstands her paw nails with no problems. The piping that frames the bed is a wonderful idea, and it is so easy to put together! I think every dog guardian should have one of these for their best buds! It is a little pricey but totally worth it, it will last a life time.

Dezy the Destroyer
Hinesville, GA
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Love at first sight

I must say that our GSD Duke who is 8 yrs old fell in love with it as soon as we finished assembling it. We also have another GSD Mya who wants one too! The best part is that whenever I am gardening I take it out and Duke loves it outdoor too. We will be ordering 2 more since we need one for Mya and another one for upstairs. Thank you for such an excellent product.

Duke The Gardener
Orlando, FL
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GREAT bed for outdoors!

Got this bed to use outside on our deck for the dogs - they are getting older and thought this would make it a bit easier on them. They love it - started lying on it right away!

Gaylord, MI
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Last dog bed you will ever purchase

These beds are the BEST! I am a breeder and I have 17 large breed (over 100 lbs)dogs. I have used these beds outdoors for 8 years now. I have purchased the all aluminum beds and they will outlast any dog. Every part is replaceable but never necessary. In the summertime, I fill the bed with water for a refreshing 'pool'. I cannot say enough about how great these beds are.

Montebello, New York
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They love it, so we need another

We keep the Kuranda outdoors for the dogs' use when not inside with us. …it keeps them up off of the concrete. I kept reading reviews that said the dogs couldn't wait for it to even be put together to use it, but I found that unbelievable. Well... I had to see it for myself. I was in the midst of assembling the Kuranda and the boxers couldn't get enough of it!

Cindy, owned by boxers
Fresno, CA
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Truck Tested

…We have diligently been searching for a bed that would work well for (our dogs) outside.  This purchase is my second bed.  The first is still in use…  We are in fact considering another if there is enough space in the yard to allow it.  I am completely, 110% satisfied with your product.  The first bed is two years old and survived not only my dogs, but I ran it over with my F250 truck and it lived to tell the tale.

Canon, Duke, Zac, Marley, and Julie's Mom
Antioch, CA
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Wonderful solution for aging Dogs!

Great way to get aging dogs up off the deck so they can lie in the sun!

Mokena, IL
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What a wonderful, tough bed!

I have 5 large dogs (50-70 lbs.). I have had one of these beds outside in the sun and weather for about 2 1/2 years now. It's just now showing a little wear... I'm very impressed with it and the dogs love it!

Vyonda, dog owner
Apple Valley
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Best dog product we have bought!

My husband said that this is the best quality dog product that we have bought…and I agree!  Moose loves to sit and lay on her Kuranda, and it is so much more comfortable for her than laying on the ground.  I can see why everyone says that they own multiples, because she would love one in the house too…   This dog bed is very stylish as well!

Moose Mom
Monrovia, CA
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12 Years Old and still in good shape!

In the last 12 years and 6 dogs, our Kuranda bed has been mostly outside…   Since then, I have brought the bed indoors and bought a nice pad and cover for it. The cover is easy to wash… Our local animal shelter is registered for donations and I have gotten them a Kuranda bed as well.

Rott 'n' Briard
Sturbridge, MA
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My 3 Borzoi love their beds!

I love that they are so easy to clean and have stayed outdoors 5+ years, without showing any sign of falling apart. Rain goes right through mesh and the beds don't hot in the summer. My dogs love spending time outdoors during the winter. These beds keep them off the ground.

Zoi Lover
Seqium, WA
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Better than the cushion dog beds

I have large, active, outdoors dogs that come in wet, dirty and smelly…  I look forward to the easy maintenance of the Kuranda beds!

Bolton, Ontario, Canada
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Your dog can’t chew the fabric because we’ve hidden the edges inside the rails.
Lumpy pillow beds are not supportive and create pressure points. Ouch!
The even support of a Kuranda bed is better for your dog’s joints.
Air can flow under the bed, keeping your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Our beds are easy to clean! Just wipe them off or hose them down.
Why not add a fleece pad for extra coziness?
Get your dog a chew proof Kuranda bed and you won’t come home to explosions like this: