Unique, cot-style dog beds for the home, yard, kennel, shelter or anywhere a deserving dog needs a comfortable resting place.
Kuranda Dog Beds

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Kuranda USA is a small manufacturing company established in 1987 and based in Annapolis, Maryland. 75% of our business is making and selling dog beds. We also make hand operated water pumps and a device which removes water from tennis courts and ball fields. In the late 1980’s we manufactured a circular dog bed designed in Australia. It was an excellent bed but was costly to make and ship. We discontinued manufacture of the circular bed in 1995 when we designed our original rectangular dog bed (the RDB) which was an immediate hit. We introduced the poly resin bed in 1998. In 2003 we came out with the aluminum version of the poly resin bed. The Kuranda Wooden Bed was introduced in December 2004.

Kuranda USA, Inc.

796 Cromwell Park Dr

Suite A
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Phone 410-761-9551
Fax 410-761-9555
Toll free 800-752-5308
Toll free from US & Canada 800-494-7122

Kuranda Quick Facts
  • "Chewproof" designs for kennels, shelters and chewing puppies
  • Soft, off the floor comfort
  • Lasts for years
  • Easy to clean and deodorize
  • Replaceable fabrics and parts

No More Scratching
I just wanted to tell you how much our 100 pound lab, Gus, loves his Kuranda bed. Gus suffered for many years with persistent skin allergies. Nights were especially challenging. Gus would lick and itch periodically all through the night. Medication didn't seem to touch the problem. After a visit with our vet, she encouraged us to try to improve his environment by removing as many "irritants" as possible from the home. At that point, we realized that our number one culprit was his traditional foam bed -- a harbor for tons of dirt, pollen and other floor allergens! We searched the net for another alternative and found your company. Now, with his elevated bed and the fleece covering that we can wash weekly (it washes beautifully!), I am happy to share that Guss night time licking and itching has vastly decreased. He loves the bed and we love him not being up all night!
Thank you for a great product. My husband and I love looking down from the bed and seeing our precious puppy dog sleeping peacefully.
Jay and Amy
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

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