Dog Pads & Accessories

Dog Pads & Accessories

Kuranda Dog Bed Pads and Accessories add extra comfort and come with elastics straps to secure to the bed so they don't slide around when the dog is getting on and off the bed. Bed Pads and Accessories are not chew proof.
  • Canvas Bed Pad

    Canvas Bed Pad

    CORDURA® brand nylon fabric with a layer of padding inside for added style and comfort on your dog's Kuranda Bed.
    $40.95 - $54.95
  • Pillow Pad

    Pillow Pad

    Soft fleece sewn around a thick layer of batting for extra comfort and style on your dog's Kuranda Bed.
    $36.95 - $54.95
  • Fleece Blanket

    Fleece Blanket

    Two layers of soft fleece blanket to add extra coziness and style on your dog's Kuranda Bed.
    $24.95 - $38.95
  • Heated Blanket

    Heated Blanket

    Low Voltage Constant Temperature Heating Pad
    $129.95 - $139.95