Testimonials: Cat Towers

The cats are VERY happy!

The 5 nest cat tower was easy to assemble but I took my time and paid careful attention to each step. At first all the legs (two of the six) wouldn't sit evenly on an uncarpeted surface (minus one star) but I used rubber leg tips (available at hardware stores) inside the tubing to increase the height of the two "short" legs. I added washable fleece pads to each nest (tying the pads to the frame with string which the cats love to play with). Within two days all 5 of my cats began to try out the various positions. The cats use the tower a lot more than I had even expected when I ordered it.

Cincinnati, OH
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Fabulous idea!!

We placed the cat tower on our screened in porch for my six cats to lay in the sun and watch the birds. Fabulous design (easy to climb) and very weather proof! Everyone has their own bed which is great for keeping peace in the family!

Sandie & Kevin (cat parents)
Thompsonville, MI
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Fabulous Product!

I purchased the 9 tier cat tower for my semi-feral cats in an outdoor/indoor enclosure. I put it together in my living room and I can't tear my indoor cats away from it. They absolutely love it! I am a very pleased that it is strong and sturdy enough to hold several cats as they jump from level to level; even my biggest Maine Coon boys! What a wonderful product! Now I guess I have to buy another one because I don't think my indoor cats are going to give this one up.

Douglaston, NY
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