Testimonials: Easy to Clean

Awesome, as expected

Our animal rescue group uses the standard Kurandas with ballistic fabric in our foster homes. They are well designed, extremely durable, easy to keep sanitary and popular with the animals. All sizes of dogs from 5lb. Chihuahua to 160lb. English Mastiff are using these beds and really digging them. We had been using the ordinary stuffed pillow-type dog beds in the foster homes, but they had to be laundered/replaced often. Just a spray and a wipe keeps these Kurandas clean and healthy, AND we can vacuum under them! Even the assembly instructions were clear and well thought out. Will be purchasing more as soon as we can afford to. Thank you for this marvelous product!!

Cropseyville, NY
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Back for the second bed!

We got our first bed for our elderly greyhound. We were having trouble keeping her bed clean and it just smelled all of the time. We wanted something that would be supportive for her, wouldn't hold odors, and was easy to clean. The Kuranda Bed fit the bill. Then I saw a picture and review of two mastiffs in a XX-large bed, so we just ordered out second Kurunda Bed for our 2 boys(a goldendoodle and a golden retriever) who like to sleep together.

Gulf Breeze, FL
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The most durable beds we've ever used at our shelter

Our dogs love Kuranda beds and so do we! They are easy to sanitize and they are the most durable beds we've ever used at our shelter. When these beds arrive and are put together, we immediately look around to decide who needs them most and it's exciting to watch them approach the bed then climb up and curl into a ball to enjoy its comfort. We and the dogs thank you.

Grayson County Humane Society, KY

Kuranda beds have reduced our laundry needs tremendously

Thank you so much! We really do like these beds and the dogs LOVE them! They are so easy to clean and have reduced our laundry needs tremendously. Thank you again!

Karen Padgham
Jacksonville Humane Society

….less laundry, easier cleaning and better for the dogs

I used Kuranda dogs beds when I worked for Countryside Veterinary Hospital and LOVED them….less laundry, easier cleaning and better for the dogs.

Monica Harrison

...no more itchy nights

I just wanted to tell you how much our 100 pound lab, Gus, loves his Kuranda bed. Gus suffered for many years with persistent skin allergies. Nights were especially challenging. Gus would lick and itch periodically all through the night. Medication didn't seem to touch the problem. After a visit with our vet, she encouraged us to try to improve his environment by removing as many 'irritants' as possible from the home. At that point, we realized that our number one culprit was his traditional foam bed -- a harbor for tons of dirt, pollen and other floor allergens!  We searched the net for another alternative and found your company. Now, with his elevated bed and the fleece covering that we can wash weekly (it washes beautifully!), I am happy to share that Gus's night time licking and itching has vastly decreased. He loves the bed and we love him not being up all night! Thank you for a great product. My husband and I love looking down from the bed and seeing our precious puppy dog sleeping peacefully.

Jay and Amy
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
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Springer Proof

We Just got our bed and our springer loves it! It is easy to move from one room to another, and even easier to keep clean. Finally a bed she can't eat! Thank you for this wonderful product!

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Great bed! Dogs are very happy....

I ordered one bed to make sure my dogs liked it and it took them a few days to warm up to it but now they love it and so we had to order another one. Now they each have their own and everyone is happy! I got one bed with the 40 oz. vinyl and the other with the ballistic nylon and they seem to strongly prefer the latter fabric but that might just be them. The smooth vinyl seems to make them a little nervous and the ballistic nylon has a little more 'give.'  I would also recommend these beds to humans with allergies (which was one of the main attractions for me). They are much easier to clean, wash, vacuum under, and don't collect hair the way tradition soft beds do. The Springer is on a medium bed and the lab mix is on a large bed, both with the deluxe fleece pad.

Boston, MA
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Wish we had bought this 5 dog beds ago!

A much more hygienic bed solution than pillow beds - and they can't chew it up!

Boise, Idaho
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Dogs seem happy

Fed up of trying to find beds that fit my dogs crates, these were the answer to my problems. My dogs shed big time, and regular foam / stuffed beds are horrible to wash, hold odours and hair. I’ve lost count of how much money I’ve wasted on dog beds. With these I just put a blanket in I can change and surface wash the bed.

Dog lover X2
Vancouver Island, BC
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Worth the money!

I bought this after my one year old amstaff/shepherd mix destroyed yet another pillow-type bed in her crate while I was at work. She also had a nerve-wracking tendency to chew on whatever fabric material she slept on, including T-shirts, old rags, etc. I got sick of worrying about her choking on something when I wasn't around, and the materials she'd chew didn't digest well, making her vomit regularly.
     And best of all, it's a breeze to clean. I chose the ballistic nylon version for its durability, but after a few "accidents" in her crate (mainly vomiting due to an upset stomach after a food change)I have discovered that it doesn't absorb liquid, and can be cleaned super-easily (I usually pop the legs off and just hose it down in the shower).

Me the Flea
Chester, PA
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Love the beds

We have THREE beds for three different size dogs and we love all three. I got them to help MY allergies - so all the bedding would be washable. They each have a pad and several blankets they can mash around and it can all be washed in hot water - no more dust mites. Its helped their allergies, too. Both little dogs are "reverse sneezing" (it sounds like a cross between a cough and choking) a lot less now and I think its because their beds have less allergens. Dogs can be allergic to dust mites, too.

Atlanta, GA
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The dogs love it


There isn't a better pet bed than Kuranda. I buy inexpensive fleece blankets for the dogs to cuddle up on top of the bed, it is easy to clean and extremely durable. And most importantly, the dogs love it. It never smells like traditional pet beds that are tough to clean, even with a removable cover, you can never get the "doggy" odor out of the foam insert. When I'm cleaning, I throw the fleece blanket in the wash and use multipurpose cleaner on the Kuranda bed and its just like new. We take it camping, it fits in the crate. Its the best. My animal hospital uses them too because they are extremely sanitary being lifted off of the ground and made from non-porous PVC.

Plymouth, MA
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Best Dog Bed Ever!!!

I have a very active 2 year old Pit Bull and super hyper 1 year old American Bull dog. I crate them when I'm at work b/c they both are chewers and they both sleep in the same crate at night with the crate door open by choice of their own...I have spent the past two years buying different beds and blankets to try to make them more comfortable in the crate and they have totally demolished everything that has been put in there. I bought the Kuranda crate bed thinking if the SPCA uses it for all types of dogs maybe it will work for mine. My husband would only let me get one not wanting to waste extra money if it didn't work but the bed has lasted about 4 months now with out hole, tooth mark, or any type of destruction. I wish I had found this bed sooner...and it's great also b/c I can take it out of the kennel and use outside too. It's simple to clean...I just run the vacumn hose over it every couple days and every once in a while wash it off with the hose (bull dogs slob in their sleep), it doesn't trap any smells in it either, so you don't smell dog when you walk into the house like with some of the fabric plushy beds. This bed was a total money saver in the long run, I love it and so do my babies!!!

Bibi J.
Virginia Beach, VA
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Dogs love it!

This is the second Kuranda bed I've purchased - first was one for my Golden Retriever. He loves his so much, I got one for my two small dogs - a Chihuahua and a Havanese. I got the Crate bed for them so it would be lower to the floor to minimize how far they have to jump up and down. It could stand to be even lower for them... They were using a big pillow-type bed, but the Havanese has terrible allergies, so I'm removing every possible trigger. Love the Kurandas - easy to keep clean, nice cover fits with decor. Best of all - I know it's the last bed I'll ever have to buy them! Count me as Very pleased!

Memphis, TN
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Your dog can’t chew the fabric because we’ve hidden the edges inside the rails.
Lumpy pillow beds are not supportive and create pressure points. Ouch!
The even support of a Kuranda bed is better for your dog’s joints.
Air can flow under the bed, keeping your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Our beds are easy to clean! Just wipe them off or hose them down.
Why not add a fleece pad for extra coziness?
Get your dog a chew proof Kuranda bed and you won’t come home to explosions like this: