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Last dog bed you will ever purchase

These beds are the BEST! I am a breeder and I have 17 large breed (over 100 lbs)dogs. I have used these beds outdoors for 8 years now. I have purchased the all aluminum beds and they will outlast any dog. Every part is replaceable but never necessary. In the summertime, I fill the bed with water for a refreshing 'pool'. I cannot say enough about how great these beds are.

Montebello, New York
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A great bed at a great price!

My dog, Zoey, loves this bed. It's big enough for her to stretch out on.  I really love that it's sturdy enough to support her weight. She's a big, 68 pound girl! I also love that with the cover, it blends with our bedroom decor and doesn't look like the typical dog bed.  I'm so happy to have found your product and have already started spreading the word!

Grammie K
Metairie, LA

Great Bed!

This was recommended to us by a behavioral specialist as a training tool. We have used it to provide a safe and comfortable area for our lab. It has made a huge difference in both our lives and his life!

Concord, NC
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Back for the second bed!

We got our first bed for our elderly greyhound. We were having trouble keeping her bed clean and it just smelled all of the time. We wanted something that would be supportive for her, wouldn't hold odors, and was easy to clean. The Kuranda Bed fit the bill. Then I saw a picture and review of two mastiffs in a XX-large bed, so we just ordered out second Kurunda Bed for our 2 boys(a goldendoodle and a golden retriever) who like to sleep together.

Gulf Breeze, FL
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Best option out there for chewers!

This is a great bed for Homer, who chews everything that isn't nailed down (and he'll chew the nails, too). He can't get at the fabric and the PVC frame--even at the corners--is too hard and slick for him to be interested in. We love this bed for crate time, and even Homer readily goes in whenever we say "Crate!"

Saint Louis, MO
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Best dog bed you can buy

We have 6 large dogs, and the occasional foster dog, and I have yet to see a dog that didn't love these beds. Our original bed was purchased for a 12 y/o rescue who wouldn't sleep on a memory foam bed and needed to be up off the floor. Due to her arthritis and hip dysplasia we used the crate legs so it was easy for her to get up on the bed. We now have 3 of these beds- two outside and one inside. They still have virtually no wear at all after several years outside. I do recommend the vinyl weave for outdoor use, as it drains rain water very well, is cool for the hot months, and is still very sturdy. We have used the cordura fabric outside as well, but it does hold a LOT of water. These are super sturdy and the XXL really will hold 6 dogs (almost 300lbs of dog). I also have a cover for the bed inside- it really dresses up the bed, and makes it look like a large footstool. My dogs love the soft pad and cover and it is easy to remove and toss into the wash when needed. You just can't beat these beds for durability- my dogs chew up kongs but these beds are still perfect;)

North Carolina

BEST dog bed you will EVER own!

We bought two for our American Mastiff who will eventually be around 200 pounds. One for upstairs and one for down. These beds are PERFECT for the giant breed dogs. It helps keep them off hard floors and allows cool air to circulate around them. We opted for the breathable fabric and shorter legs, and the customer service was SUPERIOR!!! The new aluminum corners and frame add beauty to any modern/contemporary home decor. Even though we have the biggest size available, it doesn't appear to be an eye sore in our home. It's like our boy has his own [...] couch :)It would be nice to have a mobile version that breaks down and snaps together easy. With how big and DURABLE the ones we have are, it's not practical to take them apart for travel, but they are the best all around beds EVER for the home, outdoors, or kennels.

Anthony Williams
Savanah, GA

Durable and beautiful

We have an English Mastiff that is 9 months old and 165 lbs. We tried a different brand and design that lasted only 2 weeks. I am very pleased with the durability. … Overall, very satisfied!

Brutus the English Mastiff
Antioch, CA
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Our 2nd Kuranda Bed

We just purchased our 2nd Kuranda Bed. The first one I bought for my last Great Dane as an outside bed. The 2nd one I just purchased for my 2nd Great Dane. She has destroyed two thick foam beds, but she cannot destroy the Kuranda Bed…  It is easy to clean, just scrub with a brush and hose it off…  She loves it!

Orange County, CA
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Big Dog in Love

My St. Bernard gets great support and comfort from this bed. A big plus is that all slobber and dirty footprints wash right off.

Solo’s Mom
Buchanan, Mi
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The Kuranda bed saved my sofa!

Our Dane hogged the couch and now prefers his new bed!! He weighs 155 lbs. proving the new bed is strong! I am delighted.

Napoleon’s Mom
Centralia, MO
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Wish I had discovered Kuranda bed sooner

I purchased it for my large breed, senior dog to help relieve pressure on her joints and hips. We can leave her outside to dry after swimming with her bed (loves the sun)…  This is a great product, very durable, easy to assemble and clean and most important my dog loves it.

West Porters Lae, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Had to buy another!

I bought a bed with a fleece pad to teach my dog "place" in the kitchen, since she's always underfoot. My 18 year old kitty immediately decided it was hers and has completely claimed it. I had to buy another (this time to the two tier kitty bed) for her and the other cats, so that my dog can have her place bed back!

Eden Prairie, MN
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Best Dog Bed I Know Of!!

This bed is perfect for training a "place" stay, as the elevation helps the dog perceive the boundary and the cozy design makes it a comfortable place to be. It's also great that it's lightweight and easy to move from place to place. Also easy to clean.

Ontario, Canada
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LOVE these beds!

I use these beds for training as down/stay stations when training multiple dogs at once and for beds in kennels. They are light weight enough to move around yet sturdy. They work best outside where they have some grip on the ground so they don't slide when the dog enthusiastically gets on them. They are easy to clean and keep the dogs dry in winter and cool in summer. This is a great long lasting dog product with multiple uses.

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Your dog can’t chew the fabric because we’ve hidden the edges inside the rails.
Lumpy pillow beds are not supportive and create pressure points. Ouch!
The even support of a Kuranda bed is better for your dog’s joints.
Air can flow under the bed, keeping your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Our beds are easy to clean! Just wipe them off or hose them down.
Why not add a fleece pad for extra coziness?
Get your dog a chew proof Kuranda bed and you won’t come home to explosions like this: