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Love this bed!

Our puppy would chew and ingest the towels and blankets that we put in his crate. Thankfully we learned of Kuranda beds. There is no way he can chew or ingest this bed and he doesn't even try. And it keeps him off the ground which is so much better for him. We first got the cordura material but switched to the ballistic because it catches less hair. These beds are so easy to clean (we hose ours down outside) and they dry in no time! Best invention!

Baltimore, MD
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Chew Proof Guarantee

We bought this bed because our mastiff mix dog continuously chewed every thing that was placed in her crate. We tried blankets, plush dog beds, carpet, industrial rubber mats and etc. Eventually we stopped putting anything in her crate and she developed a hip pain from laying on the metal floor. We were convinced anything we put in her crate would be destroyed when we returned home, but the Kuranda Crate bed proved otherwise. We were doubtful about its chew proof capability but decided to make the investment because we were desperately in need of a solution. Although, it is a large financial investment for a dog bed, it is more than worth it. It supports her 85 lbs, fits perfectly in her crate, has stopped the hip pain and is CHEW PROOF!!

Luke and Jessica
New Castle, DE
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The first bed to survive the weekend!

Our black lab destroyed pillow type beds within hours until we tried the crate bed. Once I removed the tray from the crate the bed fit perfect. She now wants to sleep in her crate and actually goes to bed with out a bribe.


Lou & Chrissie
Mahomet, IL
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I tell everyone about the beds!

I had been looking for a new dog bed for quite a while when I came upon this product. The bed was very easy to assemble, our dog wakes us at 4:45 AM each morning but the morning after receiving the bed we went to check on her at 6:30 and she was still fast asleep. She loves her new bed. I really like the idea of the two sizes of legs that I got with the bed.

Mrs. Jones
Kenora, Canada
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Best dog bed ever

This is the bed dog bed I have every owned! I love it and my dog loves it! My German Shepherd has torn up every bed we put in her crate until this bed arrived. Some mornings she is so comfy she does not want to come out! Thank goodness for this bed!

German Shepherd owner
Covington, KY
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I have several Kuranda Beds…

I have several Kuranda beds (upwards of 25) around my home, kennel, dog yard, and puppy playpen. The beds are used primarily by my retrievers, who also enjoy frequent car trips, so I recently replaced the mats in my car crates with mesh fabric Kuranda crate beds….. I was a bit worried that my biggest, 80 lb dog would then cause the bed to sag low enough to hit the bottom of the crate, but the bed continues to rest comfortably above the crate floor, even with his weight concentrated in one place. ..The mesh fabric is great for dripping wet and muddy retrievers since the water and dirt falls through the bed to the crate pan below, so the dogs aren't sitting in a muddy puddle. Cleaning is a breeze - just hose the beds off and wash the crate pan. The quality of materials are consistent with Kuranda's high standards. The new and improved feet caps are great because they no longer slip off when moving the bed. 

Crazy Dog Lady
Davis, CA

On the road to recovery with his Kuranda bed

I just wanted to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for so quickly making a special mesh bed for my dachshund, Rojito, who is recovering from back surgery. Ro suddenly became paralyzed and incontinent due to a disk rupture in his back. I was at my wits end trying to keep him clean and dry during his recovery period. I tried to order a orthopedic pet bed made especially for incontinent pets, but it was on back order and the company couldn't tell me when the bed would become available. It literally felt like they were adding insult to Ro's injury. The mesh bed you made for Ro has been a Godsend! You will be happy to know that Ro is recovering from back surgery. He is getting control of his bladder back and starting to learn how to walk again. Accidents are still common, but I don't worry one bit - the wetness goes right through the bed onto the puppy pad and a quick wipe puts the bed back to good as new condition! Because any kind of steps are off limits, we left the legs off and simply set the bed frame on top of the puppy pad to hold it in place. He's confined to the bed within a small section of an exercise pen; a few easy to wash fleece blankies make Ro's confinement safe and comfortable. After two weeks we have had absolutely no problem keeping him clean and dry, with no signs of bed sores or infection! Hooray! Thank you again for making this most difficult time just a wee bit easier to take. Not only are your beds wonderful, but your company is as well! You guys ROCK!

Chris Willis and Ro
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Your dog can’t chew the fabric because we’ve hidden the edges inside the rails.
Lumpy pillow beds are not supportive and create pressure points. Ouch!
The even support of a Kuranda bed is better for your dog’s joints.
Air can flow under the bed, keeping your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Our beds are easy to clean! Just wipe them off or hose them down.
Why not add a fleece pad for extra coziness?
Get your dog a chew proof Kuranda bed and you won’t come home to explosions like this: