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North Carolina dogs and cats enjoy Kuranda beds.

Congratulations to Trish and the volunteers at the Scotland County Humane Society for a successful bed drive!  They posted a request for donations on their website and Facebook page to spread the word that the animals needed beds.  Within no time the support from the community poured in and they already have beds for more than half of the do

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September 2011

Napping in AZ sun! Mickey is a 14 year old Jack Russell Terrier. During the winter & spring months, he loves to soak up the warm AZ sun on his Kuranda Dog Bed.

As the winner, 5 beds will be donated to AZ Jack Russell Rescue, Inc. on behalf of the winner.

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Sheila poses for a close up on her Kuranda cat bed

Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation, Long Island NY posted a request on their website for Kuranda beds for their dogs and cats and their supporters came through!  They  have received 41 BEDS so far!!   "A BIG, BIG thank you to all of our supporters who donated beds. We are so excited as this means the dogs will not have to sleep on cold concrete floors or the cats in their litter boxes.

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August 2011

My big white fuzzy dog Meet Bear, a 7 year old samoyed. While still a very active dog, he does appreciate the orthopedic qualities this bed has to offer and the vinyl weave fabric helps keep him cool.

As the winner, 5 beds will be donated to Pembina Valley Humane Society in Morden, Manitoba, Canada on behalf of the winner.

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July 2011

Senior Rescues Sassy, age 10 Rafiki and Shanti, ages 14 - 15 yrs.
Peanut - age 10
We're all trying out the new Kuranda bed.

As the winner, 5 beds will be donated to Humane Society at Lollypop Farm in Fairport, NY on behalf of the winner.

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Girl Scout Gold Award helps shelter dogs

For her project, Katie Mulligan chose to help the puppies and dogs in the Dog Adoption Center of Valley Animal Center, Fresno, CA.  Her goal was to raise $1000 to purchase some beds. 

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Comfort comes to 25 California pitbulls

Thanks to the efforts of Diamonds in the Ruff rescue in California,  25 pitbulls living in awful pens on wet, cold floors have received Kuranda bed donations

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June 2011

Sadie and Coco
The Kuranda bed for Sadie ( the English Springer with joint issues) has been a blessing. It wasn't long before Coco decided, he liked it too. We now own two of these beds and as you can see, they often share.

As the winner, 5 beds will be donated to Winnipeg Animal Services, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on behalf of Sadie and Coco

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Stars come out to help the animals


There is a lot of heart in Los Angeles for the animals.  That is what Lu Parker and Sarah Grooters discovered when they asked the community to donate for dog beds for the South LA Shelter on Valentine's Day. 

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May 2011

Casey is an 8 year old German Shepherd cross palliative care dog adopted from a Shelter. When he gets on his Kuranda bed it is considered "homefree" and the other canines in the house know not to bother him. He excels at lounging!!!

As the winner, 5 beds will be donated to Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary, Lancaster, New Hampshire on behalf of Casey

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