The Search for a Durable Dog Bed: An Epic Quest

Posted by Jenn on 04/20/2016

You’re shopping for a dog bed. You go to your local big-box store to check out the options… and they’re a little overwhelming:Memory foam. Pillow beds. Bolsters. Fleece. Quilting. Trendy prints. Wood frames. Beds that look like couches. Beds shaped like pita pockets.

You want a bed that your dog will like and use, but it also has to last. After all, you don’t want to find yourself back in this aisle next week because the new bed exploded.

Before Kuranda Bed Before Kuranda Bed
After Kuranda Bed After Kuranda Bed

So you poke at the choices to see which one seems the most durable. The store must carry 20 different dog beds, but they all have clear weaknesses:

Seams and tags that your dog can easily rip out. Fabric that can’t be cleaned. Flimsy frames begging to be chewed. Stuffing that will flatten into sad, uncomfortable lumps.

Frustrated, you leave the store empty-handed. How is it that nobody has made a dog bed that will hold up to actual dogs?

Later, you go online and find Kuranda.

Virtually chew proof dog bed design. Heavy-duty frame. No exposed seams or tags. Rugged, washable fabric.

Finally, the quest is over. You’ve found a dog bed worth your money.