the Exploding Dog Bed

Fido Files Case #632158


Inspector Bones here with an investigative report. Last Tuesday I was called to the home of humans Tom and Cathy to discuss a troubling incident. Their story was all too familiar: They had just purchased a new bed for their young pup, Pilot. They were confident Pilot would love her new bed, which resembled a pink cloud. When they returned home the next evening, however, the bed had disappeared. In its place was a blanket of fluff.


My examination confirmed my suspicions. The bed had exploded.

Sadly, this is not a new phenomenon. Pillow beds have been spontaneously exploding at an alarming rate all across the country. Not even designer labels and reinforced stitching can keep these beds intact. Studies suggest that only Kuranda beds, which have no stuffing at all, are immune.


Armed with that information, Tom and Cathy went online and ordered a Kuranda bed, built with chew proof construction and not stuffing to explode (see field research for additional info). As for Pilot, she was unharmed in the explosion. She must have gone into shock, though, because she would not say one word about the incident.

Additional Field Research from Inspector Bones

After extensive research in the field I found Kuranda Dog Beds to solve the problem at hand with their chew proof, easy to clean, and supportive design.

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Evidence Files

Kuranda has been dedicated to making products for the health and comfort of pets since 1987. Their "Donate a Bed" program has enabled animal shelters and rescues all over North America to receive dog and cat beds donated by their supporters.

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