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Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Posted by Jenn on 12/31/2015

Great Danes on a Large Dog Bed

If you have a large- or giant-breed dog, you’ve probably come across lots of dog products that are, well, dainty. “Yeah, right,” you think as you see yet another flimsy little dog bed. “My dog could maybe fit a paw in that thing, and it would be shredded in a minute!” Whether it’s a chew toy or a dog bed – not that there’s much of a difference to a Labrador! – you know it’s got to be big and rugged, or it’s a waste of your money.

At Kuranda, we don’t do dainty. We make beds for dogs of all sizes who play hard and sleep hard. Our tough, chew proof beds are designed to withstand pretty much anything – which is key, since big dogs tend to mean big teeth and big drool.

XX-Large, X-Large and Large Dog Beds

A Perfect Bed for a Large Dog

We have yet to find a dog that’s too big for a Kuranda bed! Here are the three largest sizes we offer, along with a few examples of breeds they should fit. (Don’t see your dog’s breed below? To find out what size bed we recommend for your dog, try our Right Size for Your Breed.

Measuring Your Dog

A Doberman rests on a large outdoor Kuranda Bed

The weight ranges give a sense of what size dog will typically fit on each bed. Rest assured, our large dog beds can hold much more weight than the numbers suggest! (Many customers find that their dogs like to sleep on the bed together in a big furry heap, and even then, the beds hold up.) But while a large Kuranda bed can easily hold the weight of an extra-large dog, the dog might be too big to be comfortable on it. To make sure that your dog will have enough room to fully enjoy the bed, we recommend that you measure your dog from the snout to the base of the tail and compare that measurement to the length of the bed. Keep in mind that the bed length includes the frame, so you may want to add a few inches to be on the safe side.

Did You Know?

The largest wild dog to ever walk the Earth, the Epicyon haydeni, lived in North America from 12 million to 6 million years ago. The largest known specimen weighed almost 375 lbs.

The English Mastiff is considered to be the world’s current largest dog breed in terms of weight. Males can easily top 200 lbs. An English Mastiff named Zorba set a world record for heaviest dog in 1989. He was 343 lbs.

The Guinness record-holder for the tallest dog is Zeus, a Great Dane who measured 44 inches tall in 2011. He died in 2014 at the age of 5.