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Choosing a Stylish Dog Bed to Match Your Decor

Posted by Jenn on 05/04/2016

You’ve put a lot of thought into decorating your home. The color scheme, furniture, and artwork were carefully chosen to reflect your personal style. So why should you settle for an unattractive dog bed? You’ll see the dog bed every day, so there’s no reason it can’t coordinate with your décor – or even make a design statement of its own. (Dogs aren’t picky when it comes to decorating, although we suspect they’re fans of the shabby-chic look.)

Kuranda Reversible Fleece

The obvious choice for fashionable dog beds is the pillow bed. These soft, squishy dog beds are available in every color and print imaginable, and with a variety of designer logos. You can even buy dog beds from high-end home décor catalogs!

These beds all have one thing in common, though: They’re not made to last. And why would they be? Trends change quickly.

No matter how pretty they look, dog beds with stuffing or foam just aren’t designed with dogs in mind. These beds are far too easy for dogs to chew, and hard for humans to clean. These beds are meant to be thrown away when they inevitably become torn or stained – which could happen in a matter of minutes!

When you get tired of shopping for dog beds, we hope you’ll consider Kuranda. Our beds are different, because they have no foam or fluff. They’re made in America using rugged, dog-friendly materials. Our beds are so hard to destroy that they’re the top choice of animal shelters and doggie daycares.

Dogs resting on a Kuranda Fleece Pad

Professional-grade doesn’t have to mean industrial, though. Our beds have a classic, simple design and they are available in a variety of neutral colors, so they will suit any décor. You can customize your bed by choosing the size, frame, and fabric that will work best for your dog and your living space. For example, a walnut frame with gold textured nylon would look right at home in a mid-century room, while an almond frame with forest green outdoor mesh would be ideal for a deck overlooking a wooded backyard. For a finishing touch, you can even choose from our selection of fleece pads. With so many options, you’re bound to find the perfect combination that will keep you and your dog happy for years to come.

After all, nothing you could buy for your home could possibly look better than a comfortable, well-loved dog.

We’d love to see how you’ve incorporated your Kuranda dog bed into your decorating scheme! Share your photos below.