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Three Reasons Why Dog Pillow Beds Are Not Ideal for Your Dog

Posted by Jenn on 12/04/2015

Flip through any home décor magazine, and you’ll see those fluffy, pillow-like dog beds. You can order them in a variety of designer colors, and even get them monogrammed with your pet’s name. At first glance, they do seem like a cozy place for your dog to curl up for a snooze. In fact, Kuranda beds look downright uncomfortable by comparison. What dog would want to lie on a rugged nylon platform when they could have a fluffy pillow? It seems like a no-brainer.

Dog pillow beds are by far the most common style on the market, but they’re not ideal for your dog. They’re not great for your wallet, either! Here are three top reasons to choose Kuranda’s elevated design over the puffy kind. 

  • Dog pillow beds are not good for your dog’s joints.

    Think about it: you wouldn’t actually want to sleep on a giant pillow, would you? You’d probably wake up with a backache, because pillows offer no support. When we say Kuranda beds are orthopedic, it doesn’t mean they’re meant only for elderly or injured dogs. All dogs can benefit from the firm, even support of the cot design. It’s actually really comfortable! If you really want a soft surface for your dog to sleep on, you can always add a fleece cushion.

    Kuranda dog beds provide firm even support
  • Dog pillow beds hold in heat.

    When your dog lies on a puffy dog bed, there is nowhere for the heat to go. An elevated dog bed allows air to circulate through the material and underneath your dog, keeping her cooler in the summer months.

    Elevated Kuranda dog beds allow air circulation
  • Dog pillow beds don’t last.

    Many puffy dog beds are difficult to clean. If they have a slipcover, only the slipcover may be machine-washable. They can also take forever to dry if they get wet. The stuffing will get lumpy and flat over time. And that’s if your dog doesn’t chew right through it! So you could keep replacing dog pillow beds year after year… or you could choose a more durable design in the first place.

    Dog pillow bed stuffing

    There’s a reason you will never see pillow dog beds at animal shelters, dog training facilities, and other places where dozens of dogs hang out at a time. Kuranda beds are almost indestructible, and dogs love them!