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Best Places to Travel with Your Dog

Posted by Jenn on 03/16/2016

If you dread the idea of leaving your furry friend behind on your next vacation, consider bringing her along! With a little extra planning, you and your dog can have a grand adventure – or just a peaceful weekend together in a beautiful place.

Dogs on the Beach Source: Tripbase

So what makes a good destination for a vacation with dogs? Good weather, for starters.  You’ll want to spend a lot of time outside, so sunshine is key. That brings us to our next point: your dog should be welcome in as many areas as possible, starting with your hotel. Pet-friendly accommodations are a must! Luckily, it’s easy to find great pet-friendly lodging with the help of the internet. Beaches or hiking trails that allow dogs are important too, with bonus points for off-leash access. If you’re headed to a metro area, you’ll also want lots of dog parks, and restaurant patios and stores that allow dogs.

Here are just a few of the amazing travel destinations known for being especially dog-friendly:

  • Beaches

    Nothing spoils a beach vacation like finding out that your dog is not actually allowed on the beach! Here are some famously dog-friendly coastal areas to check out, but it’s always smart to check the local leash laws before you book:
    • Key West and Sanibel Island, FL
    • Myrtle Beach, SC
    • Carmel, CA
    • Outer Banks, NC
  • The Great Outdoors

  • Cities

    With lots of dog-friendly amenities, these cities have a reputation for welcoming canine companions.
    • Austin, TX
    • Seattle, WA (home of the Blue Dog Pond)
    • Portland, OR (over 30 dog parks!)
    • San Diego, CA (celebrating National Dog Party Day)
    • San Francisco, CA
    • Charleston, SC
    • Chicago, IL
  • Annual Dog Events

    For the ultimate dog-friendly vacation experience, plan your trip around one of these spectacular dog events!

Surfing Dog Source: MBtimetraveler

Of course, your dog’s personality and obedience skills are considerations as well. The trip should be fun for the whole family, dogs included. For instance, a lake house might be your dog’s idea of paradise, but plenty of dogs are just not fans of the water. Similarly, some dogs may not be prepared to hike a national forest off-leash, or navigate a crowded city street with confidence. Keep the activities within your dog’s comfort zone, and everyone will be happy! Don't forget to bring your Kuranda dog bed with you on car trips--just pack it in the car first upside-down down and it won't take up much space.

Dog on a Kuranda Bed by the pool

What fabulous vacation spots do you and your dogs love to visit? Let us know!