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    What's That Smell? Let's Ask Your Pup!

Posted by Caroline Aro on 09/29/2023

Photo courtesy of Andrew Spencer, Unsplash While humans primarily rely on our eyesight to take in our surroundings, dogs use both sight and smell. It’s … read more

    Stir-Crazy Canines? Not On Our Watch!

Posted by Caroline Aro on 09/22/2023

Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy Indoors Over Winter Months As the colder weather rolls in, people and pups alike will be spending much more time indoors. Colder weather … read more

    International Homeless Animals Day

Posted by Caroline Aro on 09/05/2023

While homeless animals don’t seem like something you’d want to celebrate, International Homeless Animals Day is very important! The third Saturday in August is dedicated to raisin … read more