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Why are Kuranda Dog Beds better than pillow-style dog beds?

Elevated beds a great for dogs’ joints; the firm, even support alleviates pressure points on the hips, elbows or shoulders that would become sore from lying on the ground. While pillow-style beds do look comfortable, they have a lot of the same issues – they don’t provide even support and additionally, they can harbor dust, dirt or other allergens. Kuranda beds have no stuffing, are easy to clean and are great for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies. These dogs are sure to benefit from a clean, foam-free bed design.

See how the raised design and firm, even support of our Walnut PVC bed gives an orthopedic place for Rex to rest on:

Pembroke Welsh Corgi laying on a Kuranda dog bed

Photo from @world.of.corgi.rex on Instagram

Not only will your dog feel better, but they won’t be able to “chew the stuffing out of it”! Pillow beds are not chew proof, and if they are torn up, that poses the risk that your pet may ingest fabric or fluff, leading to an expensive vet visit.

Yellow Lab sitting in front of a destroyed pillow dog bed

Our beds have a patented chew proof design that keeps even the most determined dogs comfortable in their orthopedic Kuranda bed for years to come. Plus, Kuranda beds are backed by our 1 Year Chew Proof Warranty!

Kuranda beds are orthopedic, chew proof, easy to clean and will provide a comfortable bed for your pet that will last a lifetime.

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