Why are Kuranda Beds healthier for my dog?

Elevated beds a great for dogs’ joints; the firm, even support alleviates pressure points on the hips, elbows or shoulders that would become sore from lying on the ground. Laying on a hard surface can also lead to calluses on your pup’s elbows, which isn’t a concern with a comfortable Kuranda bed.

Dog yawning on a Kuranda bed outdoors, text on image reads “Elevated Kuranda beds provide firm, even support”

Photo provided by Cynthia from Silver Aluminum Dog Bed review

Kuranda beds are easier to clean, which means that dust, debris or other allergens won’t accumulate, leaving a nice clean space for your pet to rest. This is also a huge benefit for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies. All fabrics can easily be wiped down or cleaned with soap/water or disinfectants (be sure to follow cleaning with a thorough water rinse!)

Stuffed or pillow style beds are hard to clean and offer very little support for your dog. They are also easy to chew and destroy, which could lead to your pet ingesting parts of the bed. Kuranda beds are a much more durable, chew proof long-term investment.

Yellow lab sitting in front of a destroyed pillow bed with stuffing everywhere