What makes Kuranda Dog Beds better than other cot-style beds?

Why are Kuranda beds superior when compared to other cot-style, elevated dog beds or DIY designs? The Kuranda Bed is the only genuinely chew proof bed available. Our beds feature rails that completely enclose any fabric for your pet chew on. The specially designed frame includes a channel that the fabric slides into to securely make the fabric inaccessible for destructive dogs.

Close up of a Kuranda bed fabric slid into the channel of a chew proof designed PVC rail.

Because the bed fabric is hidden within the rails, dogs cannot get their mouths around the frame to bite into the fabric.

Dog sitting near a destroyed dog bed with a sign “Why you need a Kuranda dog bed!!”. Text on image reads “Beds with fabric wrapped around the outside of the frame leaves edges exposed that dogs can easily chew, tear and destroy”

We also use durable, quality fabrics for the sleeping area of our beds. Our 40 oz. Heavy Duty vinyl is the most durable option and will hold up much better to lighter duty fabrics that other cots might feature.

DIY raised dog bed with torn red fabric, text on image reads “Excessive digging can quickly tear lighter-duty fabrics”

Whether for personal home use, a professional setting or a shelter, our beds are durable and made to last. Choose between our Almond PVC, Walnut PVC or Aluminum frame beds to find the best-suited option for you and your dog. Give them a quality, USA-made orthopedic bed to rest on that will last a lifetime.

Destroyed pile of DIY raised dog beds, text on image reads “Unfortunately, these DIY beds that volunteers took the time and care to make didn’t last in the shelter and ended up being discarded.”