Slimline Crate Bed

Comes with a 1 year chew proof warranty
Specially designed with the dimensions
of your crate,
  • Chew proof aluminum frame
  • Designed with dimensions that are meant to fit snugly into almost any crate
  • Short Legs for optimal head-room
  • Slim profile frame to maximize sleeping area
  • Chew proof aluminum frame
  • Heavy Duty material for extreme durability

The best bed for your dog is now the best bed for crates! Specially designed with the dimensions of your crate, it’s sure to be a perfect fit.

Lifting your dog up off the hard floor provides orthopedic support and joint relief while the slim frame leaves as much sleeping area as possible so your dog can enjoy maximum comfort and maximum space. The aluminum frame and heavy duty vinyl material create the most durable dog bed available and it comes with a full, 1 year chew proof warranty. Give yourself peace of mind when your dog is crated; you can rest easy knowing your dog is resting easy.

Crate not included