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Why Choose Kuranda Cat Towers and Beds?

Posted by Caroline Aro on 08/31/2023

Cat on Walnut Cat Tower With Fleece Blanket

We all know that cats love being up high, whether it’s on a cat tree, shelves, on top of the fridge or (in any other high-up place they probably shouldn’t be…). But why is that? Instinctually and ancestrally, cats need to have a good vantage point of their surroundings. Cats are both predators and prey; a good lookout spot helps scope out potential dangers in addition to any available prey. House cats really don’t have to worry too much about either of those things, it’s always good to provide lots of higher perches for your kitty to help them feel more comfortable. It gives them a safe, private and calm space to hang out.

Most cat owners have some type of cat tower or tree, so why choose a Kuranda Cat Tower or Bed? Well…

All Kuranda dog and cat beds are manufactured in Glen Burnie, MD – we’re just outside of Baltimore and near the BWI airport. We use high quality materials and our skilled team manufactures the rails, sews and smelts the fabrics by hand. That paired with our 1-year Warranty, you’re sure to get a comfortable and sturdy bed that your pet will love.

Kuranda Cat Towers

Multiple Cats on Almond Five Tier Cat Tower
Photo From @dakinhumanesociety on Instagram

Our modularly designed Cat Towers feature multiple levels for your cats to choose for their lookout perch or nap space. We use a durable furniture-grade PVC frame and provide a wide base with a low center of gravity to prevent any “Leaning Cat Towers of Kuranda”. You can choose anywhere from two to nine tiers/nests so there are plenty of options to best suit you, your home and your pet!

Kuranda Cat Beds

Mango the Cat on a cat bed
Photo From @mango_the_handsome_boy on Instagram

Our Cat Beds are made from the same durable PVC as the Cat Towers and helps to increase valuable floor space! The 12” elevated design is also great to accommodate a litter pan underneath, or even just a cozy hideaway for a shy cat.

Choose between a Heavy Duty Vinyl fabric or a more breathable Textilene (Outdoor Mesh) material, and our Almond PVC (indoor/outdoor use) or Walnut PVC (indoor use only) to get the cat product that will fit the bill for you and your cat’s needs! Whether they will be hanging out in the living room or in the catio, our Cat Products are great for climbing, playtime or a cozy nap.