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Staying Active: Fitness for Fido & You

Posted by Caroline Aro on 06/18/2024

Have you ever thought about canine fitness? No, we’re not talking about sending your dog to a spin class, but just general tips on keeping your furry friend happy and healthy! It’s important for both owners and their pup pals to stay healthy – teamwork makes the dream work!

Golden retriever being walked on the sidewalk owner out of view.
Photo credit: Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

Unfortunately, it can be easy for us to slip into a less-than-active lifestyle; people and pets alike can suffer from being sedentary. Taking the time to play with your pet, get outside and bond in the great outdoors can lead to a huge payoff for your pup’s physical and mental health. Getting movement in doesn’t have to be a chore for either of you – make it fun! Choose activities that will suit you both and that you’ll find enjoyable.

Here are some ideas:

  • Add a bit more time on your daily walks, even just a couple minutes more each day. Long walks can be great for you and your dog and is the easiest exercise for most dogs.
  • Work on teaching or reinforcing some basic obedience training, whether on your own or with a trainer/class.
  • Play fetch! This is a great way to get your dog active – bonus points if you jog alongside them to retrieve the ball.
  • Hide and Seek – hide your dog’s daily treat allowance around the house or room; this makes treat time a bit more active and engaging.

Implementing some type of canine fitness into your lives can lead to mental and physical health benefits. Keeping a healthy weight can prevent weight-related stress on your pup’s joints and can even lead to a longer and healthier life overall. Interactive play can strengthen your bond with your pet and keeping them engaged can reduce their stress and boredom levels.

Whether you choose to take a stroll around the neighborhood or hike a local trail, or whatever activity you choose, have fun with it!

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