German Shepherd

Posted by Kuranda on 03/28/2011

Known for their intelligence, vigilance and protective nature, German Shepherds could be considered the renaissance men of the K-9 world. German Shepherds can be seen in a variety of roles including narcotics detective, herding dog, helper of the disabled, search and rescue and… movie star (anybody remember Rin Tin Tin?!). When properly trained, this reliable and even-tempered dog makes quite the family pet as well. So what type of bed makes a good resting place for such a “celebrity” of a dog? Perhaps this information will help.          



The Kuranda dog bed, utilizing a cot-style, off-the-ground frame, provides firm, even orthopedic support and will keep your German Shepherd warm from cold floors in the winter while providing the airflow needed to keep cool in the summer. In addition, the elevated frame promotes healthy joints and helps arthritic dogs by allowing them to simply step down off the bed as opposed to having to pick themselves up off the floor – this is especially important with German Shepherds who are prone to hip dysplasia and panostitis (bone disease causing pain and lameness).



Though not excessively large (movie stars need to stay trim!), German Shepherds typically range between 60-85 lbs and usually require an XL frame. Both the standard poly resin andaluminum frames will support this renaissance dog; however, many German Shepherds have a tendency to be mouthy (even to the extent of chewing door frames – I’ve read more than one story!). If this is the case with your dog, the extra durability of the aluminum frame may provide the extra strength required to endure sustained chewing sessions.



Due to a high-degree of shedding, ballistic nylon is the recommended fabric for German Shepherds. Ballistic nylon provides strength and durability with the added benefit of a smooth finish that does not catch hair making it easy to clean. Well exercised German Shepherds are not typically prone to digging; however, if your dog possesses this tendency, 40 oz. vinyl may be a more suitable choice. It is important to note that, though still easy to clean, 40 oz. vinyl will puddle when wet.


Pads and Slipcovers:

Some dogs are at first hesitant to use the Kuranda bed being that it feels different from the floor and/or pillow-style bed that they are accustomed to. Adding a fleece pad or slipcover will provide extra comfort and can help your dog transition to the new bed while still providing the same orthopedic support and other health benefits described above.


Crate Beds:

Kuranda offers crate beds – traditional Kuranda dog beds with supplemental 3 inch legs that provide adequate headroom when the dog bed is placed inside an existing crate. Crate beds give crate-trained dogs’ access to the same comfort and health benefits provided by the Kuranda dog bed inside their crate.