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Leader of the Pack K9 Institute in Allentown, PA

Posted by Greg on 06/25/2013

Lisa McDonald, owner of Leader of the Pack Canine Institute, started her third year in business this January and says she will never go back to corporate America. Lisa spent twenty years as an assistant comptroller for a local business, but decided one day that pets were her passion, so she ventured off to become a very successful entrepreneur. Lisa started off by training under a local dog trainer, and then got her national certification for dog training. It started with just training, then quickly expanded to a kennel, day care, then grooming. Now she offers an all-in-one K9 facility, which is what she explains as part of the reason she has been so successful. An all-in-one K9 facility is just what her customers want, as they can bring their dog(s) to Leader of the Pack Canine Institute for a day, or overnight and get everything they want all in one place.  Another large factor in her success has a lot to do with her staff; Lisa is proud of her staff and says that they make the business with their customer service. Lisa says that 75% of her business comes from word of mouth and referrals, due to her staff’s loyalty and devotion to dogs.

Dogs resting on a Kuranda bed


Lisa offers cage-free boarding with an overnight staff. Every day they bring the dogs out between 5:30am and 6:00am to be fed, and to play in their indoor-outdoor play areas, with their very own swimming pool. The daycare facility is open from 6:00am until 7:00pm when the owners can come pick their dogs up. The dogs staying the night can play all the way until 10:00pm, and when it’s time for them to sleep, they can find a bed right in the playing area and sleep amongst their new friends. Lisa describes it as a big slumber party for dogs! In addition to the having the option to remain with the pack for night time, the dogs could also have a private area for overnight accommodations.

Lisa loves Kuranda beds as much as the dogs in her facility do, and has never found a dog that didn’t like them. She says the beds look the same as the day she got them even after being cleaned, sanitized, and moved all around every day. Lisa can’t say enough about how much she, her guests, and her customers love Kuranda dog beds.

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Lisa Mcdonald kneeling with 2 dogs