Campbell Boarding Kennels in Mount Vernon, Ohio

Posted by Greg on 05/06/2013

Jeff Campbell, of Campbell Boarding Kennels, is a small kennel owner with just nine runs who clearly cares about his customers, both the people and their dogs. His devotion to his kennel and dogs, keeping them clean well exercised and healthy, goes a very long way. Each of his runs has a Kuranda bed in it. “Before I had Kuranda beds in the runs, I would go check up on them and they would hear me and get up to greet me, but not anymore," Jeff says "The dogs are sound asleep on the beds and love them.”

One of the many reasons he is blessed with so many return customers is because of this devotion to the dogs. This is clearly because he is sincere, happy, and hardworking. His customers appreciate that, especially when it is for a dog they love with all their hearts. Jeff Campbell previously worked in a bank while he and his wife fostered many dogs over many years, and always had the dream to become a kennel owner. Just two years ago, Jeff decided that is what he was going to do. It shows that he was meant to care after dogs. Located on a six acre plot of land near central Ohio, the kennel offers dogs a lot of outdoor fun with Jeff.

Visit the Campbell Boarding Kennels website.