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Kuranda ShelterBeds Wish List Program

Posted by Caroline Aro on 09/05/2023

Shelters and other animal welfare organizations across the country work tirelessly to care for animals that may have been neglected, lost or forgotten. These groups rely mostly (or sometimes solely) on volunteers. There is a lot of time, effort and money that is put into receiving donations to help these animals in need; sweat equity and staff time is entirely invaluable and so very important.

Rows of donated Kuranda dog beds at the Humane Society of Hobart in Hobart, IN
Humane Society of Hobart – Hobart, IN @humanesochobart on Instagram

Our Kuranda ShelterBeds (KSB) program is a something that we offer to animal welfare groups to campaign for bed donations. We set up their own custom Wishlist and supporters can donate the exact beds that these groups need; these donations are at a discounted rate from the retail pricing and ship free right to the group (within the lower 48 states).

We provide campaign ideas, social media content and personalized advisor support for these groups to best help these groups in continuing the good work for animals in need.

Brown and white dog sitting on a blue blanket and a Kuranda dog bed in a shelter

Milo at the Animal Humane Society @animalhumanemn on Instagram

Want to support a specific animal welfare group or find a local group? Take a look on our ShelterBeds website – search by organization name, zip code or “spin the wheel” to find a random shelter’s Wishlist! Your donations will provide comfortable orthopedic beds that are durable, easy to clean and that come with our 1-year Chew Proof Warranty.

Screenshot of the shelter locator tool at

Thank you to all rescues, shelters, sanctuaries and animal welfare groups for the incredible diligence and effort put in to care for these animals.

Thank you to all supporters and donors for assisting these groups, whether by donating funds, time, in-kind donations and more! We know the that we at Kuranda, the shelters and the animals in their care are incredibly appreciative!

About the Kuranda Donate a Bed Program

Kuranda Bed drives are an easy way to get all your pets up off the floor and onto Kuranda Beds.

Get started by signing up for the Kuranda Donate a Bed Program and select the bed sizes & types you want to receive. Then spread the word! Promote your bed drive through your newsletter, website and social media.

Kuranda offers discounts and free shipping to anyone who is donating to a shelter or rescue. Facebook is a very effective way of asking people to donate Kuranda Beds! Making frequent posts for the duration of your bed drive is the best way to promote donations!

Visit our Donate a Kuranda bed page to start a bed drive or to sign up for our Donation Program!