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International Homeless Animals Day

Posted by Caroline Aro on 09/05/2023

While homeless animals don’t seem like something you’d want to celebrate, International Homeless Animals Day is very important! The third Saturday in August is dedicated to raising awareness about pet overpopulation and the meaningful work done to help animals in need and save millions of animals’ lives.

For over 150 years now, animal rights groups, shelters and SPCAs have advocated for better protections for animals and had animal-cruelty laws established. Animal welfare groups often focus on adoption, fostering, prevention of animal neglect and cruelty…

How Can You Observe International Homeless Animals Day?

Even if you’re not ready to adopt or foster an animal, there are plenty of other ways to observe this important awareness day. Support your local shelter or rescue – volunteer your time, make a donation, attend events or fundraisers they host etc.

Large group of volunteers posing with newly assembled donated Kuranda beds

Volunteers assembling donated Kuranda dog beds

Both images from Ventura County Animal Services on Facebook ,

You can also take a look at our Kuranda ShelterBeds (KSB) website at and search for a rescue you’d like to donate to! We help animal welfare organizations get set up with their own custom Wishlist – they can direct supporters to this link and campaign for donations of the exact beds they’re needing for their facility and the animals in their care. These donations are at a discounted rate from the retail pricing and ship free right to the group (within the lower 48 states).

Looking for other ways to help? Start your own fundraiser or supply donation drive, educate people on the importance of adopting pets rather than buying and how spaying/neutering animals is a hugely effective way to prevent more homeless animals. Even just taking your local rescues’ posts on social media with the hashtag #InternationalHomelessAnimalsDay is a great way to participate!

Donated Kuranda beds standing, stacked together

Cincinnati Animal Care on Facebook

Animal shelters and rescues are often at capacity and while staff and volunteers work tirelessly, we can also do our part even just by talking about some of the issues.

Thank you to all rescues, shelters, sanctuaries and animal welfare groups for the incredible diligence and effort put in to care for these animals.

Thank you to all supporters and donors for assisting these groups, whether by donating funds, time, in-kind donations and more! We know the that we at Kuranda, the shelters and the animals in their care are incredibly appreciative!

Are you an animal welfare group interested in setting up a KSB Wishlist? Email or register online here

About the Kuranda Donate a Bed Program

Kuranda Bed drives are an easy way to get all your pets up off the floor and onto Kuranda Beds.

Get started by signing up for the Kuranda Donate a Bed Program and select the bed sizes & types you want to receive. Then spread the word! Promote your bed drive through your newsletter, website and social media.

Kuranda offers discounts and free shipping to anyone who is donating to a shelter or rescue. Facebook is a very effective way of asking people to donate Kuranda Beds! Making frequent posts for the duration of your bed drive is the best way to promote donations!

Visit our Donate a Kuranda bed page to start a bed drive or to sign up for our Donation Program!