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Indy, Oh Indy: The Amazing Story of a Shelter Dog from the Streets of Bakersfield

Posted by Caroline Aro on 01/23/2024

Indy, Oh Indy is a children’s book series that is making a big impact for shelter dogs! Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start at the beginning – who is Indy?

Indy at play
Photo courtesy of Felix Adamo.

Indy was an amazing terri-doodle shelter dog from Kern County Animal Services in Bakersfield, California. In 2008, this sweet pup found her “forever home” with Teresa Adamo and her family – husband, Felix, and the couple’s two sons, Zane and Cooper.

Ten years later, in 2018, Teresa partnered with illustrator Jennifer Williams-Cordova to create the Indy, Oh Indy series, which includes six books and an all-ages coloring-activity book. The author and illustrator team’s combined creativity and passion led to an ode inspired by an exceptional shelter dog and a tribute to the city of Bakersfield, California, itself. The places – and sometimes, the people – portrayed in the books represent past and present Kern County history. A beach-bound Indy, Oh Indy tale highlights the popular Central Coast of California, a common summer destination for residents throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

Part of Teresa’s mission with Indy, Oh Indy is to give back to shelters who work tirelessly to care for animals in need. Shelter pets can truly be life-changing – both for the animals and for their new families!

Indy and Teresa
The author and her canine muse. Photo courtesy of Felix Adamo.

“Because of Indy, my life started a whole new chapter. Literally.” – Teresa Adamo – Author of Indy, Oh Indy

Not only does Teresa use the profits and platform built by Indy, Oh Indy to support local animal shelters and rescue groups, but she also leads school assemblies to inspire young readers.

The creators of the much-loved book series connect with their “Indy Pack” through school assembly programs and workshops. Their multi-media presentations – which include real photos and videos of the real-life main character, Indy – really have it all! Teresa and Jennifer go over the inception of their books, emphasize the importance of reading, promote community pride and the impact of local history, provide a message of responsible pet ownership and more!

Indy School Presentation

Also, Teresa plans on adding kid-friendly education into her program about the many benefits of Kuranda beds and how to donate them to local shelters. These school assemblies are incredibly popular; Teresa and Jennifer have visited tens of thousands of students throughout the San Joaquin Valley so far! And they just “booked” an upcoming month-long series of all-day assemblies for an entire school district in Bakersfield.

After one assembly, a devoted Indy Pack member’s mother contacted Teresa to let her know that the book series influenced their family to adopt a local shelter dog. On the way home, the little boy was asked what he wanted to name their new pet. Without hesitation, he said: “Indy.”

“I remember thinking my heart might burst,” Teresa said. “We’ve experienced so many special moments because of Indy and the books.”

Speaking of “special”, this past Christmas, Teresa received a precious gift from her two stepsons (Cody and Hunter), daughter-in-law (Amy) and four granddaughters (Anissa, Lila, Monroe and Collins). In fact, that’s what started this whole connection with the Kuranda Pack!

“I opened the box and inside was a sweet picture drawn by my 11-year-old granddaughter, Monroe,” Teresa said. “It took me a minute to realize it was more than just a drawing – it was also a note, explaining my Christmas gift from them was they had donated a Kuranda pet bed to Kern County Animal Services in Indy’s name… and that’s when the waterworks started, but the good kind of tears.”

Monroe’s illustration included a Christmas tree, Indy (of course) and even a Kuranda bed! Teresa took a photo of it, placed it on Indy’s social media accounts, then sent it as a direct message to Kuranda about the heartwarming moment. As many animal lovers understand, pets become family.

Christmas card sent to Indy
Teresa’s Christmas gift from family; an illustration created by granddaughter Monroe and note about the donation of a Kuranda bed to Kern County Animal Services in Indy’s name.

And although Indy crossed the Rainbow Bridge (in December 2022 at the approximate age of 18), her spirit and legacy are carried on by Teresa, Jennifer and the loyal “Indy Pack”. Indy will forever be remembered through the Indy, Oh Indy books and the project’s important work within the community.

As Teresa likes to say about her beloved best friend and creative muse:

“Indy’s story really has no end.”

Follow @IndyOhIndy on Instagram and check out the books available for purchase on their website!

Indy, Oh Indy supports the following animal shelters – click the links to check out their ShelterBeds Wish Lists and donate a Kuranda Bed to the shelter pets in need - just like Indy once was!

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