What are the differences between the Kuranda Bed fabric options?

All of our fabrics can be washed or hosed clean with soap, water and/or disinfectants. Cleaners should be followed by a plain water rinse.

Fabric colors may vary depending on availability

Kuranda Dog Bed Fabrics (most to least durable):

Heavy Duty Vinyl (40 oz. Vinyl)

This is our most durable and easiest to clean fabric option; it’s ideal for determined diggers and for frequent cleaning/sanitizing. Its smooth surface is similar to a gym mat (but not spongey like a yoga mat) and can easily be sprayed and wiped clean. This is the best option for professional and kennel environments.

photo of color swatches for Vinyl fabric, labeled Burgundy, Forest Green, Royal Blue, Smoke

Ballistic (Smooth Nylon)

This abrasion-resistant high-denier nylon features a smooth finish that won’t catch hair, making it easier to clean. This smoother surface may not provide enough traction for older dogs, or dogs with mobility issues. It features a coating that makes it water-repellent. It is similar to soft-sided luggage material.

**Not offered in 50 x 36 XXL**

photo of color swatches for Ballistic Smooth Nylon fabric, labeled Burgundy, Forest Green, Smoke

Cordura (Textured Nylon)

Our Cordura fabric is an abrasion resistant high-denier nylon, like the Ballistic (Smooth Nylon). Unlike the Ballistic fabric, the Cordura is textured with no coating it provides plenty of traction, making it ideal for older pets. It also is a great option for pets with sensitive skin/allergies. It is similar to canvas backpack material PLEASE NOTE: The 50 x 36 (XXL) Cordura (Textured Nylon) includes an 18 oz. Vinyl backing; it is not as breathable as the smaller Cordura sizes without the vinyl backing.

photo of color swatches for Cordura Textured Nylon fabric, labeled Gold, Burgundy, Forest Green, Smoke

Textilene (Outdoor Mesh)

The open water-repellent weave allows water and air to flow through, helping pets stay cool and dry. It is similar to outdoor patio furniture. **This fabric is NOT suitable for dogs that dig, scratch, or chew and is NOT covered under our 1 Year Chew Proof Warranty**

photo of color swatches for Textilene Outdoor Mesh fabric, labeled Birch, Sierra, Bamboo, Teal, Cobalt


  • Denier refers to a unit of measurement used to determine the fiber thickness of individual threads used in textiles/fabrics. High-denier count fabrics tend to be thick, sturdy, and durable. Whereas low denier count fabrics tend to be sheer, soft, and silky.
  • We do not offer our Ballistic fabric in the 50x36 (XXL) size for a few reasons. First, an issue with Nylon is that it pulls moisture from the air on a humid day and gives it up on a dry day. When Nylon absorbs moisture, it expands and when it gives it up, it contracts. The large surface area of the 50 x 36 is such that the variation in length/width is so much (almost an inch) that it can be the difference between being able to assemble the bed or not.
    If we were to make adjustments and added to the fabric size to allow for this variation, the bed would sag. Due to this, we simply cannot offer it in the XXL size.