Which fabric is best for my older dog?

Our Cordura (Textured Nylon) fabric is a great choice for older dogs; it provides the most traction to make getting on and off the bed a bit easier for your senior pup. It’s also great for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies. It is similar to a canvas backpack-type material and is used on many pillow-style dog beds. If your dog is used to these, transitioning to a raised Kuranda bed with the Cordura (Textured Nylon) fabric will be easy.

Currently, these are the colors that the Cordura fabric comes in (may vary depending on availability).

Fabric swatches showing different color options for Cordura Textured Nylon fabric, text on image reads Gold, Burgundy, Forest Green, Smoke

If your dog does have mobility issues or might have an easier time getting on their bed at a shorter height, we do have what we call Crate Beds. These are suitable for use in or out of a crate and feature shorter 3.25” legs. These beds will come with the legs that come with your bed size as a default, with an additional set of those shorter crate legs. Have a Kuranda bed already? We also offer both PVC and Aluminum crate legs that you can order in our Replacement Parts section of the website.