Elevated Dog Beds

Kuranda elevated dog beds keep your dog off of the floor. A raised dog bed helps cut down on calluses and arthritis issues that can arise from laying on a hard floor.

In cold climates, the Kuranda elevated dog bed keeps your dog off of the cold floor. In warmer climates, a Kuranda raised dog bed allows air to circulate under your pet, unlike a traditional pillow bed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Elevated Dog Beds

Kuranda is fortunate to have professional customers of many types that are experts in their field. We asked them to weigh in on why they use and recommend Kuranda Elevated Dog Beds.

Are elevated dog beds better?

"We prefer elevated beds for a couple reasons. The first being the relief they allow the joints and body, almost an orthopedic property. Secondly, the Kuranda beds have proven INDESTRUCTIBLE under the abusive conditions of some of our more destructive dogs. Moreover, they are easy to disinfect, and they stack beautifully."

-Aspen Olmstead
Director, Quality of Life Rehab & Foster Inc

Are elevated dog beds good for senior dogs?

"Over the years, we've observed that the raised Kuranda beds provide warmth for senior dogs that do suffer from arthritis, allowing the senior dogs greater mobility, especially when first waking up and moving off their raised beds."

-Staff at Moreno Valley Animal Shelter

Do raised dog beds help prevent calluses or other issues?

"Yes they do. Calluses form from repeated contact with hard surfaces and the raised beds can prevent this."

-Gayle Petrick
Hospital Manager, Hickory Veterinary Hospital

Do dog trainers use raised dog beds?

"Yes, having an elevated bed can help with dogs who struggle learning 'down.' Having a raised bed also helps delineate between being on and off place better than a mat, especially if you have carpet or rugs. It also helps that elevated beds are comfortable, so dogs will choose to lay there rather than being forced."

-Jessica Wauford
Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer

What size elevated dog bed should I get?

If you would like a bed with shorter legs that will fit inside a crate, the Kuranda Slimline dog crate bed is the best choice. If crate fit is not important, you can find detailed sizing information for each bed after picking one of Kuranda's dog beds.