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Hygenic Kuranda Cat Beds provide the same cleanly comfort as our dog beds. Utilizing Furniture Grade PVC frame with solid vinyl fabric it’s easy to wash away stains & odors. Each of these products allows cats the opportunity to jump up to another level increasing their amount of floor space. The PVC frame and solid vinyl fabric is non porous and can be easily wiped clean.

  • Easy to clean and guaranteed to stand up to repeated cleaning.
  • The raised bed provides a comfortable and cozy perch.
  • Increases valuable floor space
  • Offers a cozy nook for a shy cat
  • High strength, lightweight frames crafted from furniture-grade poly-resin.
  • Non-porous 40oz vinyl fabric
  • One year warranty

Cat Bed

32 Reviews.
Average 4.86 out of 5.

Cat Tower

$90.00 - $265.00
77 Reviews.
Average 4.65 out of 5.

Kitty Cot

5 Reviews.
Average 4.8 out of 5.

Deluxe Fleece Pad

$19.95 - $34.95
48 Reviews.
Average 4.77 out of 5.

Read what customers say about Kuranda Cat Products:

Exceeded my hopes!

I have indoor only cats, one of whom is bored to death. My boy, Walter Francis, now spends most of his day in the enclosure perched on his Kuranda Cat Tower - he LOVES it! Going to add a couple more towers. Easy to assemble, sturdy, weather proof and easy to care for. I am recommending these products to all my friends with pets! Micky, the pet
Redwood City, CA

We love it!!

I will tell you some real pros with it.... is having the tower build from one level, to two levels then three... and on up... like stair steps. It makes it easier for them to get up and down since there is no carpet or sisal to grab on to. Even our sanctuary resident fat (well, big boned) declawed FIV kitty "Tommy" was up on the tower, and I never see him climb on anything!! It's been so great though.... and as you might have guessed.....we have jealous cats in the other rooms now.... ;o) Leslie

A great cat bed

My cat was so very excited to get onto her new bed from Kuranda! She jumped up on it as soon as it was assembled, which didn't take very long to do either.. I use the small bed all over the place, and for many purposes, and it is has great durability and is easy to clean. the Pooksikins
Edmonton, AB

Kitty's Favorite

I have placed the Cat Bed by Kuranda inside a large dog crate. Our new kitten spends the night in the crate to ensure her safety. She loves it and sleeps throughout the night on it and only gets down to have a drink of water and some food or to use her litter box. A small litter box fits perfectly underneath the bed so she isn't exposed to it constantly.

Kingston, ON,