Father knows best!

My dad purchased one of your beds for our great dane. It is absolutely the most amazing bed- completely undestructible, washable, durable... still looks brand new after 2 years of daily use! I have my own dog now- a pug/westie mix and she has destroyed every bed I have bought her so far. I was so thankful when I found your website so now she can have one of your beds too! We are very excited to get it!

Stefanie Florenz
Rhode Island

You have a great product!

I just wanted to let you know that our 1 year old German Shepard loves his Kuranda bed. We have tried EVERY bed made, and one has never lasted longer than 6 hours in his kennel. When I put his Kuranda bed in his kennel, he liked it and was sitting on it within minutes. This is the ONLY bed he has not destroyed! I just placed an order for a crate bed to put in his dog house also. I have been telling everybody about the Kuranda beds - you have a great product!

Amy Schwarz

Healthy place to sleep for dogs.....and cats too!

We ordered one of your beds for our older dog who has a hip disorder. The bed was an immediate hit. The only problem is that we now have an on-going battle between the dog and our two cats as to who gets to sleep on the bed. We had to order another one for our cats!

Sandy Lenga

Finally, a bed he can't chew!

It's so nice to finally have a bed that my boxer can't chew. I've spent hundreds on stuffed beds that promise to be chew proof and he's shredded them in under a day. I've had the bed for a few weeks now and while he tried to rip it up at first he couldn't and finally i am not coming home to a mess everyday, best dog bed i've ever bought!

West Lafayette, IN

Great Product

We purchased the XL crate bed. Our pit/rot puppy was eating everything including her blankets. We had a hard time just leaving her on the hard plastic floor of the crate. She absolutely loves her new bed! She has not been able to chew on it, and often goes into her crate even when not told to. It's a nice design, and truthfully looks great.

Kari & Drew
Washington, PA

Dogs love it!

This is the second Kuranda bed I've purchased - first was one for my Golden Retriever. He loves his so much, I got one for my two small dogs - a Chihuahua and a Havanese. I got the Crate bed for them so it would be lower to the floor to minimize how far they have to jump up and down. It could stand to be even lower for them... They were using a big pillow-type bed, but the Havanese has terrible allergies, so I'm removing every possible trigger. Love the Kurandas - easy to keep clean, nice cover fits with decor. Best of all - I know it's the last bed I'll ever have to buy them! Count me as Very pleased!

Memphis, TN

Best Dog Bed Ever!!!

I have a very active 2 year old Pit Bull and super hyper 1 year old American Bull dog. I crate them when I'm at work b/c they both are chewers and they both sleep in the same crate at night with the crate door open by choice of their own...I have spent the past two years buying different beds and blankets to try to make them more comfortable in the crate and they have totally demolished everything that has been put in there. I bought the Kuranda crate bed thinking if the SPCA uses it for all types of dogs maybe it will work for mine. My husband would only let me get one not wanting to waste extra money if it didn't work but the bed has lasted about 4 months now with out hole, tooth mark, or any type of destruction. I wish I had found this bed sooner...and it's great also b/c I can take it out of the kennel and use outside too. It's simple to clean...I just run the vacumn hose over it every couple days and every once in a while wash it off with the hose (bull dogs slob in their sleep), it doesn't trap any smells in it either, so you don't smell dog when you walk into the house like with some of the fabric plushy beds. This bed was a total money saver in the long run, I love it and so do my babies!!!

Bibi J.
Virginia Beach, VA

The dogs love it


There isn't a better pet bed than Kuranda. I buy inexpensive fleece blankets for the dogs to cuddle up on top of the bed, it is easy to clean and extremely durable. And most importantly, the dogs love it. It never smells like traditional pet beds that are tough to clean, even with a removable cover, you can never get the "doggy" odor out of the foam insert. When I'm cleaning, I throw the fleece blanket in the wash and use multipurpose cleaner on the Kuranda bed and its just like new. We take it camping, it fits in the crate. Its the best. My animal hospital uses them too because they are extremely sanitary being lifted off of the ground and made from non-porous PVC.

Plymouth, MA

Love the beds

We have THREE beds for three different size dogs and we love all three. I got them to help MY allergies - so all the bedding would be washable. They each have a pad and several blankets they can mash around and it can all be washed in hot water - no more dust mites. Its helped their allergies, too. Both little dogs are "reverse sneezing" (it sounds like a cross between a cough and choking) a lot less now and I think its because their beds have less allergens. Dogs can be allergic to dust mites, too.

Atlanta, GA

A bed that delivers as promised

I've tried many beds so that my GSD did not have to sleep on a hard plastic pan in her crate. Every bed I tried was destroyed within 2 nights. Tired of spending money on beds and then came across the Kuranda. Bought the aluminum frame, however noticed that the standard legs are 7" which would make the bed too high. Called Kuranda and explained how I planned to use this bed in my crate. They sent me cut down aluminum legs for the crate. This crate (bed) is the best and the Customer Service is second to none. Should I ever need another dog bed, Kuranda will be my only choice.

Stafford, VA

My dogs like their beds

Now that I have these beds in the crates I think I need more for the yard and other spots in the house!

Tucson, AR

Recommendation of Kuranda Dog Bed

Lucy, my 80 lb Shepherd mix took right to her new bed. It is durable, easy to clean, and can be moved to other locations within the house as needed with no problem. Directions to put it together were simple and clear. I opted to purchase the crate version with shorter legs and add the standard legs so I could switch it from a crate bed to a free standing. It has been easy to change the legs.

Shepherd Mom
Frederick, MD

I would buy again

Our whippet and greyhound love them. When they were puppies they did have a couple accidents on them but they cleaned up perfectly by just hosing them off. They would hate the crate if we did not have them.

Joliet, IL

Love it!

My crate trained "love puppy" would chew everything we put in her bed. Until I found Kuranda, we could only line her cage with towels. The Kuranda keeps her cool and comfy. When we're home, she'll take a nap in her cage (unheard of prior to getting this bed). Even her 'brother' likes the bed. I love Kuranda and have told all of my dog-loving friends about it and donated several beds to the Humane Society. I will keep buying!!

Tulsa, OK

Love this bed!

Our puppy would chew and ingest the towels and blankets that we put in his crate. Thankfully we learned of Kuranda beds. There is no way he can chew or ingest this bed and he doesn't even try. And it keeps him off the ground which is so much better for him. We first got the cordura material but switched to the ballistic because it catches less hair. These beds are so easy to clean (we hose ours down outside) and they dry in no time! Best invention!

Baltimore, MD

Chew Proof Guarantee

We bought this bed because our mastiff mix dog continuously chewed every thing that was placed in her crate. We tried blankets, plush dog beds, carpet, industrial rubber mats and etc. Eventually we stopped putting anything in her crate and she developed a hip pain from laying on the metal floor. We were convinced anything we put in her crate would be destroyed when we returned home, but the Kuranda Crate bed proved otherwise. We were doubtful about its chew proof capability but decided to make the investment because we were desperately in need of a solution. Although, it is a large financial investment for a dog bed, it is more than worth it. It supports her 85 lbs, fits perfectly in her crate, has stopped the hip pain and is CHEW PROOF!!

Luke and Jessica
New Castle, DE

The first bed to survive the weekend!

Our black Lab destroyed pillow type beds within hours until we tried the crate bed. Once I removed the tray from the crate the bed fit perfect. She now wants to sleep in her crate and actually goes to bed with out a bribe.


Lou & Chrissie
Mahomet, IL

I tell everyone about the beds!

I had been looking for a new dog bed for quite a while when I came upon this product. The bed was very easy to assemble, our dog wakes us at 4:45 AM each morning but the morning after receiving the bed we went to check on her at 6:30 and she was still fast asleep. She loves her new bed. I really like the idea of the two sizes of legs that I got with the bed.

Mrs. Jones
Kenora, Canada

Worth the money!

I bought this after my one year old amstaff/shepherd mix destroyed yet another pillow-type bed in her crate while I was at work. She also had a nerve-wracking tendency to chew on whatever fabric material she slept on, including T-shirts, old rags, etc. I got sick of worrying about her choking on something when I wasn't around, and the materials she'd chew didn't digest well, making her vomit regularly.
     And best of all, it's a breeze to clean. I chose the ballistic nylon version for its durability, but after a few "accidents" in her crate (mainly vomiting due to an upset stomach after a food change)I have discovered that it doesn't absorb liquid, and can be cleaned super-easily (I usually pop the legs off and just hose it down in the shower).

Me the Flea
Chester, PA

Dogs seem happy

Fed up of trying to find beds that fit my dogs crates, these were the answer to my problems. My dogs shed big time, and regular foam / stuffed beds are horrible to wash, hold odours and hair. I’ve lost count of how much money I’ve wasted on dog beds. With these I just put a blanket in I can change and surface wash the bed.

Dog lover X2
Vancouver Island, BC