Testimonials: Prevents Callouses

His calluses are disappearing...

We adopted a very neglected 125lb Neopolitan Mastiff who had terrible calluses from never having something soft to sleep on. One month later, his calluses are disappearing and he just looks so comfy snoozing away in it by the fireplace! We bought two fleece covers so he will always have a clean one.

Bordentown, NJ

Rocky loves his new bed

VERY pleased with the bed. My boy will chew anything put into his crate so I could not leave him on a bed or blanket. When I noticed a callous on each elbow from the crate bottom, I searched for ideas to deal with a dog that will not stop chewing on blankets, and discovered the kuranda bed. Very happy to report that in less than a month each callous is now gone and Rocky LOVES his new bed- and does not eat it! Customer Image # 1

Saskatchewan, Canada

I would definitely buy another one

Our dog had calluses on his elbows and this bed really helped to eliminate them. We also have the sheepskin cover, and he really enjoys that. Now there is never any movement or circling around in his crate, he lays down and goes right to sleep!

Gus’s Mom
Crofton, MD

Dump the specialist vet visits

I would never have believed this, it's simply incredible. I called the president of Kuranda a few months back and reported this... My two 2 year old Irish Setters each have an unusual issue. One has the big lumps on his front leg elbows and the other has large areas of soreness and hair loss on the side of the hip. Neither tolerates any soft padding, as they are chewers and diggers. My back yard is a moonscape. It's totally incredible how both conditions, the elbows and the skin irritation, have disappeared after having the beds for a couple months, and the change started within a couple weeks of having them.

SkyJack Setters
North Georgia