Kuranda Supporting Homeless Pets

Labrador in a Santa Hat

We are so grateful to all the groups who work so hard all year long to care for homeless pets.

This holiday season, Kuranda will donate a portion of all orders placed on Kuranda.com from Friday, November 25th through Tuesday, November 29th to Dogs Playing for Life

Dogs Playing For Life

Dogs Playing for Life is redefining the meaning and importance of quality of life for all sheltered dogs by improving their experience through playgroups and individualized training, resulting in urgent and responsible lifesaving.

Dogs Playing for Life has served hundreds of thousands of dogs in shelters through playgroup seminars and enrichment programs. By helping shelters improve the quality of life for their dogs, more dogs will be adopted and fewer will fall through the cracks.

By investing in canine enrichment through behavioral intervention, Dogs Playing for Life is committed to tackling the “end game” of animal welfare by attending to the emotional well-being of all sheltered dogs from the day they arrive until the day they go home.

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