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What fabric is the easiest to clean?

Our Heavy Duty Vinyl and Textilene (Outdoor Mesh) fabrics are the easiest to clean because they are made from non-absorbent materials. They can easily be spot cleaned or hosed down, then wiped dry and they’re ready to use right away.

The Ballistic (Smooth Nylon) is also fairly easy to clean because of the water repellant coating. It is similar to the fabric used on soft-sided luggage. The smooth surface doesn’t attract hair or debris the way that the Cordura (Textured Nylon) fabric might. However, as a nylon fabric, it will absorb water and take longer to dry and has more potential to stain than the Heavy Duty Vinyl or Textilene fabrics.

Regardless of the cleaner/sanitizer etc. you use to clean your Kuranda bed fabric, be sure to follow with a thorough water rinse (even for products labeled “no rinse”) to extend the life of your bed.

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