Mocha Mocha Latte

Mocha is a Diabetic Alert Dog "DAD". She sniffs out whenever my blood sugar is high or low. This chocolate girl LOVES her job and her Kuranda cot!

Jordan Malcott, representing Miracle Paws, says "Mocha is a 2 year old chocolate lab. She has been by my side sniffing out low and high blood sugars for a little over a year and a half now. When she doesn't have her vest on, she enjoys playing fetch, running around, catching the frisbee, swimming in the lake or pool, and snoozing on "place" (aka her Kuranda cot). She has definitely saved my life numerous times. With out her, I do not know what I would do.

Last week, I had Mocha on her Kuranda cot while my collage roommate and I were watching a movie. I heard Mocha whine, but I thought it was because of the fact the she was in a different room than me. The next thing I know, she started showing more stress signals so I released her off of "place" and had her come to me. As soon as she walked in the room, she alerted with a distinct paw. I glanced at my Continuous Glucose Monitor and it said the my blood sugar was stable at 120 (which is a normal number). I then decided to check my blood sugar with a finger stick. The meter read 57 (which is dangerously low // especially at bedtime). If she would not have caught the low then I would have went to sleep and would have possibly not woken back up. That statement sounds exaggerated, but sadly it is one of the realities of living with Type 1 Diabetes. Mocha saved my life that night. Her nose truly knows. My experience with Miracle Paws has been life changing. Since bringing Mocha home, they have constantly been their for me. They make sure that my team is a success. I am thankful for them everyday and I am so glad that they chose to help other T1D families gain a lifesaving companion. I am hoping to be able to give back to them since they have done so much for me."

Miracle Paws Org is a nonprofit whose mission is to enhance the lives of people who live with chronic disabilities through offering specific task trained rescues to become service dogs and to help pets become better companions.

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