Happy family

The one in the center is big daddy Cory, to his right is his'wife' Pippa, and their son to his left named CJ short for Cory Junior. They love their Kuranda bed.

Florence Chan, representing Bulldog Rescue in Long Island says "My happy family are indeed mother, father and son biologically. All 3 dogs could have died if not for good owner, good veterinarians and a lot of money. Cory is my dog. His puppyhood was series of serious illnesses including aspiration pneumonia and seizures due to hypoxia. Thank God for his good doctors, he is now healthy and happy. He was bred to Pippa owned by Evergreen kennel in 2014. They had 5 puppies . CJ was the runt of the litter, born with a hole in his head as evident by his forehead scar. He mother ran out of milk after feeding his 4 siblings. CJ was hand fed with puppy formula. Pippa was so depleted after raising them that she developed a serious infection and almost died. Thank God for the good doctors at Oradell animal hospital and a lot of money, she recovered. Her owner gave her to me and my choice of the litter. I took CJ because nobody wants him because of his scar. They are happy and healthy now.

That comes to the story of bulldog rescue. Bullies are a very popular breed in the country. Most people underestimate their health care cost, that's why they ended up in shelters. Thanks to the dedicated veterinarians who donate their time pro bono to the rescues, many are saved.

I had bullies for 25 years, I love the breed, they are good to everyone big and small"

Bulldog Rescue in Long Island is thrilled to compete with Florence to win this month's Dog of the Month Contest!

My contest has ended, but you can vote for the current month's participants.

Visit the contest page to vote

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