My best time of day

Hunterbug is a rescued 11 year old English Springer spaniel. He loves to herd the family inside so he can sleep on his cozy bed.

Nancy Parra, representing Companion Animal Foundation says "Hunterbug aka booty is our English Springer Spaniel whom we adopted approximately 5 years ago. He became homeless at the young age of 7 so we were told. He was sent to live off the land at a hippy commune.

We were asked by the property owner if we can take him because he won't last the winter up here.
So we leashed our new companion and off we went for the 12 hour drive to his new home. Matted and stinky a bath was in order as soon as possible.
His first year with us he did not bark, just started at us with those loyal Springer eyes as to say " is this for real and forever?"

Having him for 4 years now he has fully acclimated and over his trauma. Now bossy and barking orders when not enjoying his, best time of day, on his kurunda bed.

My experience with the Companion Animal Foundation is donating and purchasing items from one of their two thrift stores in Blue Lake CA.

I want to help them achieve their dream of opening an education sanctuary on their land purchased 2014 to run summer camps & much more to educate children & adults about our unique relationship with all animals."

Asti West, of Companion Animal Foundation says "Companion Animal Foundation’s mission is to raise the status of animals by decreasing pet overpopulation through spay/neuter assistance as well as public education. Companion Animal Foundation provides meaningful programs for both children and adults which help increase awareness of the unique relationship we share with our animal friends. Companion Animal Foundation works cooperatively with all rescue groups and the community to find good homes for adoptable animals."

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