Joe wins with a TKO!

Joe (Lab) and Max (Husky/Shepherd) are best friends! Their sister Tica (Black and Tan Coonhound) has her own bed, but she has a luxury fleece and the boys are jealous! Winter is coming, you know!

Liz Colacino, representing Muddy Paw & Raft NH says "We have three dogs. Maximus Giganticus Rex (Max) is a very large Husky/Shepard mix that we found in an abandoned lot in New Jersey and adopted at which point he doubled in size! We also have Joe Flyn, our Yellow Lab, also known as the Mayor of Happytown. He hails from Connecticut. Then we have Tica St. James, a Black and Tan Coonhound who was a rescue from the woods of South Carolina. She has beautiful ears and a lovely voice and we all do whatever she says.

We recently moved to this area and wanted to support NH Sled Dog Rescue because we always support any efforts to rescue dogs and keep them in a humane environment until they find the right home. With Max's Husky background we were particularly moved by the efforts of NHSDR. They not only rescue dogs, but they also educate the public about northern dog breeds and help to preserve New Hampshire's history of dog sledding."

Muddy Paw says "The New Hampshire Sled Dog Rescue, History and Education Center (NHSDRHEC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a home and job for life to sled dogs in need. In addition to taking in rescue and second chance sled dogs, we also strive to provide education to the public about northern breed dogs and preserve New Hampshire’s rich dog sledding history.

In order to generate the revenue required to provide these amazing canine athletes with the high level of care they deserve, we work with Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel who conducts year round recreational dog sledding adventures. We also rely on adoption fees, fundraising events, donations and volunteers to help support our efforts. Together, the NHSDRHEC and Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel are responsible for the daily care and overall wellbeing of over 130 sled dogs. The majority of which are rescue and second chance (and also senior dogs over 8 years old). Unlike a traditional “house dog”, sled dogs do not always hold up well when in a traditional shelter environment. They tend to develop behavioral problems and are consequently deemed “unadoptable”. We provide a traditional working kennel environment which they are familiar with and can continue to grow in. When a sled dog in need comes to us, they have a home and job for life. Should they lose interest in running or for health/age reasons have to retire, we then seek out a wonderful forever home for them to enjoy. If they do not find an adoptive home, they of course are welcome to spend their wonder years with us. In the past year, we have successfully placed 27 sled dogs into forever homes and are striving to grow that number even more in the coming year!"

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