Mornings aren't easy...

Tango is a lab mix who enjoys late mornings in his kuranda bed while sunbathing or chewing his doggie newspaper. A hell of a dog's life !

Alexandra Semard, representing SPCA of Western Quebec says "Tango (a lab/beagle mix) was surrendered by his former owner to the SPCA of Western Quebec when he was just a mischievous puppy. After destroying countless items ranging from an old sofa to crayolas and even bras (!), Tango was given a Kuranda bed and since that time both his owners and the sofas are really happy about it! Tango hopes to get votes for the SPCA of Western Quebec to give back to his wonderful foster parents and less lucky four-legged friends who are still waiting for a forever home.

Alex Semard is delighted to compete in the November Dog of the Month Contest and to be supporting the SPCA of Western Quebec. Established over 30 years ago, the SPCA of Western Quebec is one of the few no-kill animal shelters of the region and relies solely on adoption fees and donations to cover all costs incurred in operating the shelter, and providing all of the necessities to the animals (including expensive surgeries or treatments when required). The SPCA Western Quebec has also partnered in the past few years with the Iqaluit Humane Society (Nunavut) to rehome “south” stray animals. All adopted dogs are fully vetted and spayed.

Alex Semard says "Tango was rescued by the SPCA Western Quebec when he was just 3 months old. We adopted this little guy upon the advice of the shelter staff as we were planning to start our family. Since then he enjoys sharing his Kuranda bed with our 4 year-old daughter – so yes his Kuranda bed is sometimes a bit crowded but still as sturdy! Way to go Kuranda!”

Carole Wright, and her team at SPCA of Western Quebec says " The SPCA of Western Quebec is a no-kill animal shelter located at 659
Auguste-Mondoux, in the Aylmer sector of the city of Gatineau. We
accept animals which can no longer be kept by their owner, animals from
over-crowded Shelters, as well as those who have no current home of
their own.
All of our animals receive an examination by our veterinarian before
entering the quarantine period of their stay with us. While visiting
with the vet, vaccinations are brought up to date (if necessary), and
any ailments found upon exam are prescribed the necessary treatment(s).
Prior to the end of their quarantine, our animals are sent to be spayed
and neutered, after which time they can be made available for adoption.
Those puppies and kittens who are too young for this surgery are adopted
with a valid spay/neuter voucher as part of the adoption contract.
Additionally, all dogs receive microchips implanted before their
departure to their adoptive homes (for cats, this can be provided for a
small fee). In the case of both dogs and cats, initial deworming and
flea treatment is also provided during their stay in the shelter.
The SPCA of Western Quebec receives no public/government funding and
relies solely on adoption fees and donations to cover all costs incurred
in operating the shelter, and providing all of the necessities to our
animals. As well, some animals may require a significantly expensive
surgery or treatment in order to prepare him or her for adoption,
typically due to a pre-existing condition, injury, etc. at the time the
animal was admitted to the shelter.
Our thanks go out to our adopters and donors, who contribute so much
with their love for our animals, and funds to assist in our mission to
find homes for all of our residents. Appreciation is extended as well
to our devoted volunteers, for taking a part of their day and spending
it with a shelter cat or dog, just to let them know they're loved."

My contest has ended, but you can vote for the current month's participants.

Visit the contest page to vote

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