I love my Comfy Kuranda Bed

This is Pheobi, who we lost a little over a year ago, to hemangiosarcoma. She loved her Kuanda bed, along with my other boxer kids. I would love it, if Pheobi, could still give back, and help a no kill shelter.

Shellie McGregor, representing HUA says ""Ladi Lucks Red Hot Magic", or better known as Pheobi, was born on the 4th of July 9 years ago, this past 4th. She was a 7 year old boxer at the time of the picture. She was born in my home, and was supplemented with bottle feeding as a puppy, because she was the runt of the litter. She was very spoiled and could be a real brat at times, and always wanted things her way, I also have her sister and brother, but she thought she was the only one that mattered. She was a retired show dog, and never finished her championship, as she enjoyed the comforts of home and her Kuranda bed, over the show ring. We sadly lost Pheobi in February of 2014, suddenly to Hemangiosarcoma. She was taken way too soon from us. When I read about your contest, I thought this would be such a neat way, to help keep the memory of my Pheobi Weebie, alive, and help some well deserving dogs and organization. Thank you for the honor of choosing Pheobi's picture. The picture shows Pheobi's favorite way to sleep in her Kuranda bed, when she wasn't sharing with her sister."

Hearts United for Animals in Auburn Nebraska says "HUA is a national no-kill shelter and sanctuary dedicated to the relief of suffering. We have rescued over 10,000 dogs from puppy mills, operate a low cost spay/neuter clinic for the public where over 13,000 animals have been altered, and we provide temporary housing for pets of families facing homelessness or fleeing domestic violence"

My contest has ended, but you can vote for the current month's participants.

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