Kallie the Dobie

Being a natural guard dog, Kallie the Doberman was always on high alert in the yard chasing birds and squirrels away and barking at neighbors' voices...until she got a Kuranda and started chilling out and relaxing!

Victoria Lueng's dog, Kallie says: "After countless blankets, towels and beds were torn to shreds, my parents bought me a Kuranda in hopes that it would stay in one piece. Well, I have since become better behaved when left alone at home...or Kuranda beds really ARE indestructible. We'll give credit to the latter : ) When I'm not sleeping, I love going on long walks in the park and running alongside a bicycle. However in doing so, I've experience dog owners picking their little pooches up in fear, parents scurrying their children away from the playground and even an old lady crossing her arms and saying “oh please nooo." Dobermans are truly a misunderstood breed. They are energetic, loyal, lovable and super smart. And, with the proper attention, training and love, can really be the best dogs."

Doberman Rescue Ontario is supported by Victoria Lueng and they're thrilled to compete this month!

My contest has ended, but you can vote for the current month's participants.

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