Sprawled out Otto

Otto is a rescue puppy from Paws It Forward based in Kelowna BC. He is a lab/malamute or husky. He has 3 brothers & his mom that lives in Kelowna. Otto lives in Vancouver. Otto loves to play than sleeps on his kuranda bed!

Stephanie Lam's dog, Otto says: "I was born on October 29th, 2014 in Merritt, BC. I have 3 other brothers and they all live in Kelowna, BC. Paws it Forward found me, my mom and my brothers when we were a day old and saved us from the winter cold. I got adopted on December 30th and I now live in my forever home in Vancouver, BC! When I get excited I smile and a lot of people mistake it for showing aggression. I love playing, making new friends and I am a huge sucker for cuddles. I have my own personal Instagram account vancity.otto, you can see how much I love my Kuranda Bed and how much fun I am having every day."

Paws it Forward says “Paws It Forward is a registered BC Non-Profit that takes in dogs of all sizes and the odd cat too. We are based out of Kelowna, however we are present in most of the Okanagan. All dogs (and cats) adopted through us are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped/tattoo'd.

We are foster based, which we feel let's us get to know each dog, their behaviours an habits and ultimately place them in the perfect home.
We have placed closed to 500 dogs since 2011!”

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