Atticus Maximillian

This is our rescue, Atticus, a Zuchon. He loves to snuggle and roll over on his back for belly rubs. Atticus also LOVES his Kuranda bed!

Atticus Maximillian: “I am a 5 year old Zuchon (cross between Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu). I help my Mama, Dana, at her office. She is a lawyer. I let her think she is in charge, but she would be lost without me. I help her with all the ruff cases, I am quiet but fierce. I can usually be found sleeping on my bed when I am not acting as the office watch dog. All my work at the office is done pro-bone-o - what a bargain! In my free time, I love car rides, eating peanut butter from a spoon, music by R.E.M. and Taylor Swift, slow dances with Mama Dana, strutting around the block, rolling around on plush carpet, and belly rubs. My Mama volunteers at Williamson County Animal Center. I lived there for a little while before Mama adopted me. After she brought me home, she bought me a Kuranda bed, and I love sleeping on it. I love my bed so much I want all the doggies at WCAC to be able to sleep on Kuranda dog beds while they are waiting to meet their human.”

Wiliamson County Animal Shelter says "Our center is an open admission shelter that takes in approximately 3500 animals annually. We have the highest save rate of 94% out of any open admission shelter in the state of Tennessee. We pride ourselves on valuing each animal as an individual and we love matching pets with their forever, loving family. We are a government funded facility that relies heavily on donations to support the four pillars of the center: adoption, education, enforcement, and spay and neuter. We have over 260 active volunteers that contribute over 1,000 hours to the center and to the animals in our care. We believe that it takes a village to make a positive impact on animal welfare. We are blessed to be located in an animal compassionate community that helps us foster, rescue, volunteer, and save lives!”

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