Kuranda's Dog of the Month Contest

Win 5 Kuranda Beds for your favorite shelter!

Each month, 4 photos of dogs in their homes are chosen to represent their favorite shelter.  Each contestant automatically receives a Deluxe Fleece Pad for their Kuranda Bed and the winning shelter or rescue (based on the number of votes) wins 5 Kuranda Beds!


  1. You will need a Facebook account to vote.
  2. All photos selected will be of pets on Kuranda Beds in their homes. No photos of animals in kennels, shelters or any commercial location will be accepted.
  3. Shelters & Rescues are eligible to win 1 time in any calendar year.
  4. All photos selected are at the discretion of Kuranda.
  5. Kuranda reserves the right to review and remove abusive votes where appropriate.
    • There can be no monetary exchange or exchange of goods for votes. Any indication that votes are being "bought" will disqualify the photo being represented.

Visit our Facebook Page to vote in the current contest or submit your own photo in the form below!

*Photo submission does not guarantee participation in a contest

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