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Husky Dog Beds

Siberian Huskies are friendly and active dogs; their energy levels and cleverness often lead to shenanigans and potentially destructive behaviors. They will absolutely need a safe, comfortable bed that will hold up! A Kuranda dog bed will do just that, while providing elevated, orthopedic support.

What Husky owners say about Kuranda Beds:

love this bed!

“My dog absolutely loves his new bed! I have a husky who spends his nights outside. He hates to be kept inside on rainy nights, but I insist on that point.

This bed elevates him off the slate patio for a nice comfy warm sleep! I find him curled up on his bed a lot of times when i can't see him playing in the yard.

He even refuses to come inside sometimes, preferring his bed!”

Kirby's mom
Ocean, NJ

Exactly what we wanted.

Our husky enjoyed curling up in the sling seat deck chairs, so we were looking for bed with similiar fabric. She willing gave up the chair for her own bed. Our bed stays on the deck all the time.

Survived the first winter snow and ice and looks like new. The vinyl weave fabric drains easily.
The bed is really stable.

Emily's people
Mullica Hill NJ

Wonderful product

We donated this bed to a husky rescue and they just go on and on how great these beds are.
In fact the rescue group wanted a Kuranda bed because they were comfortable and lasted a long time. Great product [...]

Evansville, Indiana

Awesome Bed for My Dog

Niko, my Siberian Husky absolutely loves to sun in his new bed....
it’s large enough for him, very ergonomically sound for his body and he's enjoying it.

I know it's going to be cool for him during the spring/summer months with air flow underneath the bed.
It's awesome and I'm satisfied!!

Willies Style
Bentonville, AR

What size Kuranda bed should I get for my Husky?

We recommend:
44 x 27 (X-Large)
50 x 36 (XX-Large)

Which Kuranda bed is best for my Husky?

Warranty 1 year warranty 1 year warranty
Application Home Use Home or Kennel
Durability Years of home use Lasts a lifetime
Indoor Use
Indoor Use Yes Yes
Outdoor Use
Outdoor Use Yes, with Almond frame. Will not rust. Yes, Will not rust.
Chew proof?
Chew proof? Better Best
For aggressive chewers
Weight Capacity
Weight Capacity Up to 100 lbs. Up to 250 lbs.
Sleep Easy?
Sleep Easy? If your dog doesn't love it,
return it for a full refund!
If your dog doesn't love it,
return it for a full refund!
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